CLS is Cutting Edge and Modern

Large Washer

If someone asked a CLS member how cutting edge, modern, or cool our company or industry is, what would we say?

We all know that the news is full of stories regarding carbon footprints and the cool companies that are reducing their carbon footprint and conserving natural resources.

Well consider this:
One of CLS’s washer loads equals 20 times the capacity of a high-tech home washer. Our washers use 250% less water and 160% less energy than consumer washers. CLS has 15 washers like this.

Since 1999, our industry has reduced CO2 emissions 20% per pound of laundry. That is the equivalent of taking 300000 cars off the road! We have reduced energy consumption 18%, saving 6.2 trillion BTUs – enough to power 700000 homes! We’ve also reduced water consumption by 28%, which is 26 million gallons – the domestic supply needed for 700000 people per year.

Our industry is cutting edge. Our industry is relevant. Our industry is COOL!

Kurt Vander Meer

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