A Guide to Our Green Policies

CLS Green Policies

We hear a lot of talk about different companies “going green” but we rarely hear about the specific policies they’re putting into place to make it a reality. Here at CLS, we believe it’s not enough to say we’re a green company, but that it’s equally important to share with our customers the way we implement these green policies into our plants on a daily basis.

Being environmentally conscious is important to us, and we know it’s important to our customers. Studies show that 86% of U.S. consumers expect companies to act on environmental issues. We’ve listened to our customers and have taken action.

Here are some of the ways we at CLS are going green every day:


We believe that recycling makes a big difference, and we strive to implement it in as many places as possible. Garments taken out of service are given to relief distribution centers around the world, and any cotton byproducts are sent to other industries for further use.

Additionally, damaged floor mats are re-manufactured so that they can be used for longer. We buy recycled garment hangers and repurpose them for future deliveries. We re-use RFID chips, purchase recycled paper and other office supplies, and recycle any other materials as often as we can. At CLS, we don’t cut corners with our service or our carbon footprint.

Saving Water

We use a water pre-treatment system to ensure all of our products are washed with the cleanest water. After washing, our wastewater system collects, cleans, and recycles the leftover water so that it can return to the local water system.

We also use green washroom chemicals that are tough on stains but soft on environmental impact. Using greener chemicals in our laundries helps us reduce water and energy use. We’ve also invested in fabrics that don’t require as much water to clean.

Saving Energy

We reduce our energy from delivery to production. We are constantly optimizing our delivery routes to get to our customers more efficiently. We’ve added skirts to our vehicles that help us reduce mileage and time on the road. Investing in lightweight vehicles has also been a great way for us to reduce our energy while still giving you the best service.

In our plants, we use sensor-activated LED lighting to help monitor and further reduce our energy use. We believe that investing in the environment invests in our future.

Green Core Program

Here at CLS, we’ve developed the Green Core Program. We collect plastic packaging from our accounts and, instead of throwing them into a landfill, bring them to a Michigan-based plastic company. There, the plastic is transformed into trash can liners and sold for people in the community to reuse.

Clean Green Certification

CLS is certified by the Textile Rental Service Association (TRSA) as a Clean Green company. This certification demonstrates that CLS has taken impactful steps to enact sustainable policies in all of our plants. This certification means a lot to us, and we make sure to honor it every day by meeting quality standards for conservation, reusing, and recycling.

CLS strives to provide our customers and our planet with the best. Between reducing our water and energy as well as recycling wherever possible, we believe we can all take steps to become more environmentally friendly.

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