Next Generation Work Uniforms

Next Generation Work Uniform

Are your uniforms working for you?

The one thing many industrial workplaces frequently get wrong about uniforms is performance. They are content with the bare minimum of industrial work uniforms – the ones that simply meet safety standards and not much more.

You can do better than that.

CLS’s specialty uniform line, dubbed Next Generation Work Uniforms, delivers the best in industrial uniforms that Red Kap can offer. It highlights Red Kap’s known and trusted expertise when it comes to work garments, combining the latest in textile technology with wearer comfort and long-term fabric care.

Better suited for the job.

Next Generation Work Uniforms do more than just make your employees look good. Their special features and advanced garment engineering offer well-rounded and complete results for your business.

Save on replacement and repair costs.

The entirety of this work garment line is designed to anticipate the challenges that come with the job. OilBlok keeps fluids like antifreeze, transmission fluid, and motor oil from penetrating the garment and prevents permanent stains. The Ripstop feature reinforces the fabric so it doesn’t tear or break easily. This gives each garment more value and years which add up to significant savings in the long run.

Make a better impression.

With longer lasting fabrics, a color stay formula, and improved repellents against stains, you’re getting uniforms that look better for longer! And that’s an easy way to make a good impression on your customers.

Easier maintenance.

The Next Generation Work Uniforms from Red Kap are designed for effortless maintenance. With OilBlok and Ripstop doing most of the work, cleaning these uniforms is a total breeze! Whether you are washing them in-house, individually, or with a professional uniform laundry service provider, you’ll get good results every time.

Keep your employees happier and more comfortable.

These garments are engineered for better wearer performance. Every aspect of the uniform is made for full comfort and ease in movement as well as accessibility to the tools of the trade.

From the breathable textile flex-stretch panels and mesh-lined collar to multiple pockets, your workers will stay cool and comfortable throughout their shifts. Nothing gets in the way and nothing is out of place. Next Generation Work Uniforms are precision garment design at its finest.

Next Generation Work Uniforms: Available at CLS

The Next Generation Work Uniforms are available in short-sleeved and long-sleeved shirt options as well as pants. Contact CLS today at (800) 875-4636 for availability or request a quote here!