The Great Bathroom Debate

Paper Hand Towels

The great bathroom debate – no, not the one about which way the toilet paper roll faces – the one about the best way to dry your hands. Which method do you think is best? According to the Mayo Clinic, there is a pretty clear winner.

Germs are more easily transmitted when your hands are wet, so if you’re not drying your hands properly after washing them, you are likely spreading germs around. Did you know that air dryers actually blow germs up to 6 feet from the source?

How often have you used a restroom that only supplied air dryers and after spending precious time trying to dry your hands, you end up just wiping the rest of the water off on your pants? Sure, some of the dryers work great, but it seems like the majority of air dryers are under powered and don’t really do what they’re supposed to do.

The Mayo Clinic conducted a study that showed that spending 5 seconds wiping your hands with paper towels dried hands more than spending 4 times the amount of time using an air dryer.

Paper towels not only get your hands more dry than air dryers, but they also use friction to scrub more germs off of your skin. Who knew?

Not only are paper towels actually more hygienic, but they are also preferred by 55% of people.

Give the people what they want and keep everyone cleaner at the same time! Get your paper.