CLS Customer Spotlight: Merrill’s Service Center

Customer Spotlight - Merrill's Service Center

Merrill’s Service Center has been a staple in the Cadillac area since 1960.

The full service car center helps customers both fix and maintain their vehicles.

“Merrill’s Service Center, we do all automotive repairs– from tires, breaks, shocks, oil changes, engine diagnostics, transmissions, engines, tune ups, alignments, air conditioning, mufflers, everything except body work, said Chad Boolman, owner, Merrill’s Service Center.

In 2017, Boolman bought the Service Center, continuing the family tradition of excellent service and once again partnering with CLS.

I’ve been affiliated with CLS for probably 25 years. They come to us once a week, every week. They change out all my rugs in my showroom. They change all my shop rags, all my uniforms for all my technicians and then they also do my soaps, my papers in my bathrooms so I don’t have to worry about it because I don’t have time to manage that, said Boolman.

If I’ve ever had a shortage of anything where I use more than normal, I pick up the phone I call my rep, they say yup and I have it within a few hours and he’s dropping it off, whether it’s my rep or somebody else, said Boolman.

All the needs I’ve ever needed they’ve handled everything in an efficient manner with quality and a smile on their face, said Boolman.

Just like CLS, Merrill’s knows the importance of family first.

This is a family owned business that was started by Merrill Taylor and it’s always been that way and hopefully it’ll always be that way, said Boolman.

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