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Fluid-Resistant Warm-Up Jackets

Elevate employee comfort, protection, and performance with the right protective garments. For your most vulnerable employees with excellent-quality fluid-resistant warm-up jackets only from CLS!

Fluid-Resistant Warm-Up Jackets

The Best Fluid-Resistant Warm-Up Jackets in Michigan

CLS is your number 1 choice for high-quality fluid-resistant warm-up jackets for healthcare professionals. With CLS, you get:

Materials Made for Superior Protection

Comfort and safety go hand-in-hand in CLS’ top-notch fluid-resistant warm-up jackets. The 34” length, secure cuffs, and superior fluid resistance ensure complete coverage through different situations.

The Sharp Design that Boosts Wearer Comfort and Maximizes Functionality

Our fluid-resistant warm-up jackets offer warmth even in more challenging temperatures, ensuring comfort. The double-stitched pockets and hang loop features also offer convenient storage and easy access to your most essential tools.

Professional Healthcare Laundry that Guarantees Peace of Mind

CLS combines state-of-the-art laundry technology and superior expertise in garment care to ensure that your fluid-resistant warm-up jackets are cared for according to the safety and hygiene standards for healthcare facilities.

CLS: Your Best Choice for Michigan Healthcare Uniform Solutions

Keeping tabs on your garment usage and the cleanliness of your garments can be taxing. Don’t let these set you back on your patient care and employee safety! Let CLS take the reins in the supply and care of your most important healthcare garments!

Our industry expertise extends all the way back to 1899, and we’ve only become better from there. With a track record as outstanding as ours, we can confidently say: we are the best in the business, and certainly, we are your best choice for healthcare uniform solutions.

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