CLS is proud to offer cloth roll towels

For a cleaner, environmentally friendly alternative to paper towels and air dryers, CLS is proud to offer cloth roll towels. Producing zero waste and using significantly less energy than air dryers, cloth towels offer a solution for the eco-conscious and fiscally-minded business owner.

Bathroom Facility - Cloth Roll Towels

A Better Bathroom Experience

Plush, absorbent, and reusable after washing, cloth roll towels keep your electric bills lower and your cleaning efforts lasting longer. Imagine a bathroom that doesn’t announce a completed visit with the roar of a jet engine, or accumulate wet wads of paper towels during a rush.

Used in conjunction with a cloth roll towel dispenser, cloth roll towels offer a different experience. By blending the utility and economy of retro materials with the technological advancements of today, cloth roll towels are the alternative your business has been looking for.

Cleaner and Safer

While air blowers offer a “touch free” experience that claims to be the most hygienic and microbe-free form of hand-drying, research says otherwise. Microbes and bacteria that aerosolize when toilets are flushed find their way into the air blower and stick to wet hands. Compounding these hazards is the fact that wet hands hold and transmit bacteria at far higher levels than dry hands.

Not only is the air drying your hands laiden with bacteria, the dampness left on them makes it easier for microbes to attach to you. If a customer touches the bathroom door handle when leaving, they’re taking many germs with them.

Cloth Roll Towels for Any Purpose

To serve the specific needs of your business, CLS offers cloth roll towels in two colors: white for restrooms or food prep, and blue for industrial wash basins.

For all of your cloth roll towel needs, contact CLS today at 800-875-4636. Rest easy knowing your restroom needs are taken care of.

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