Face Covers from CLS

Here at CLS, the safety of our customers and employees is our number one priority. In these uncertain times, we want you to know that you’re covered. That’s why we’re proud to offer disposable masks and washable face covers.

Face Masks
Face Masks

Antimicrobial Washable BioSmart™ Face Masks

  • Kills up to 99.9% of many bacteria & viruses when washed & activated with chlorine bleach
Face Mask Technology

Reusable Face Covering

  • Single-ply face cover
  • 50/50 Cotton/Poly t-shirt blend
  • Breathable, comfortable option to cover the wearer’s nose and mouth
  • 2 Ear-hole slots offer a customized fit
  • No-sew design with raw machine-cut edges is produced with minimal human touch
  • Contoured shape and two sets of ear holes to fit most children and adults
  • May curl after washing & drying but regains shape when worn
Face Masks
Face Masks

Disposable Face Mask

  • 3 layer disposable mask
  • Non-sterile flat mask with ear-loops
  • High efficiency droplets or particle proof
  • Keeps your face comfortable and dry
  • Sold in boxes of 50.

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Download Now Our Product Catalog!

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