Restaurant and Food Service
Uniforms and Apparel

Upgrade your image and let CLS worry about the details.

At CLS, we have a wide variety of restaurant and hospitality essentials in stock, ready to be sent out and delivered. In addition to our linens and towels, we can provide you with chef coats, pants, cook shirts, butcher frocks, aprons, and more. Many different sizes and styles are available.

Restaurant Uniforms
Vented Chef Coat

Vented Chef Coat

Executive Chef Coat

Executive Chef Coat C825

Master Chef Coat

Master Chef Coat C851S

Linen Chef Coat

Chef Coat

White Linen Chef Coat

Knotted Chef Coat

Baggy Chef Pants

Baggy Chef Pants

Butcher Frock

Butcher Frock F380

Food Service Linen

Food Service Coat F395

Linen Cook Shirt

Cook Shirt

Linen Apron

Bistro Apron

Linen Bib

Bib Apron

Corporate Apparel

Oxford Polo


PLeated Pants

Pleated Pant

Linen Shirt

Dress Shirt

Download Now Our Product Catalog!

Download Now Our Product Catalog!

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