2019 TVM Memorial Golf Classic Raises $48000

TVM Donation

The donations have been counted and CLS would like to thank all those involved in this year’s TVM Memorial Golf Classic for making it a great event for an even better cause.

We would like to present the American Cancer Society with a check for $48000 for our 2019 TVM Memorial Golf Classic. Pretty excited about this. This is good stuff and we worked really hard to accomplish this, said Wendy Vander Meer, the chairwoman of the TVM planning committee.

The TVM Memorial Golf Classic began as a way to honor former CLS owner Ted Vander Meer and now supports so many others battling the disease and CLS team members who have been affected by cancer.

Eight years ago when we dreamed about this to get my dad back in the life of this business and the American Cancer Society was very near and dear to his heart, said Kurt Vander Meer, President and Owner of CLS. Sustainability was a big deal for me, I didn’t want to do a one and done, and so here we are the 7th year continuing to raise money for the American Cancer Society. And each year the bar has been raised. This year it’s $48000. We’ve eclipsed almost $250000 now in seven years and it’s a great event.”

Over the last seven years, CLS has been a stand out in the community, giving back so much for a cause that is very important to us.

“The dollars that this event has raised mean a lot to the Cancer Society and to the Kalamazoo community. It represents the programs and services that we offer here. And there aren’t many companies in Kalamazoo that are going to take on an event and do it year after year, bringing not only their vendors but their employees and so it’s helping save lives in a whole inclusive way, said Cindy Kovacik, with the American Cancer Society in Kalamazoo.

We want to say thank you from our hearts to our sponsors, to our supplier partners, our friends, our family members, our team members, our community