Benefits of Using a Floor Mat Rental Service

Benefits of Using a Mat Rental Service

A mat rental service for your office, medical facility, or hospitality business will improve many things. By hiring a company with a mat management service like CLS, you’ll improve the safety of your customers, comfort of your employees, and cleanliness of your business.

Here’s how:

A Mat Rental Service Makes Customers Safer

The last thing you want is for a patron to get hurt while on your business’s property. With the wet and snowy season coming fast, water, snow, and salt are constant threats to your floors and the people who walk on them.

Costs of Accidents

With the financial consequences of slip and fall accidents averaging $500, business owners have every incentive to take proactive measures against slip and fall risks. A mat rental service is a powerful tool to combat the possibility of an accident.

A Job for Professionals

You might be thinking “why not just buy my own mats?” If you’re talking about your own home, then that’s absolutely the way to do it. If you’re talking about your commercial business or medical facility, that’s a different story.

Consider what’s needed to ensure floors are safe in your business:

  • Brush Mats – These mats are your first line of defense against outside contaminants entering the building. Brush mats scrape and wipe dirt from shoes before they can get into the building. Like the classic mat, the brush mat is backed by Nitrile rubber, and will not slip on any surface.
  • Michigan Mats (Water Dam Mats) – When dirt and moisture get locked in a Michigan Mat, there is no escape. Superior traction and absorbance is what you’ll get from a Michigan Mat.

Furthermore, mats are expensive not only to buy, but also maintain. Mats aren’t a one and done purchase. You have to make sure they aren’t ripping, tearing, or curling at the edges. Additionally, you have to clean them routinely. If you outsource your cleaning, you will need replacement mats while yours are being cleaned.

It’s a challenge, but those are necessary steps to take if you want your mats to remain helpful and not hazardous. If a mat isn’t regularly cleaned and replaced when necessary, it starts to lose its traction, cracks and curls in the corners, and becomes a tripping hazard.

If you utilize a mat rental service, you won’t have to think about the mats in your business. They’ll always be fresh, clean, and ready to protect.

A Mat Rental Service Comforts Your Employees

As long as you’re getting your business’s mats through a mat rental service, your employees will stay safe and comfortable. Mats that specifically comfort are:

  • Classic Mats – With a combination of plushness and durability, classic mats are a solid choice that keeps floors clean and inviting. Designed to hide and hold dirt, the brush mat-classic mat combination is a powerful solution.
  • Comfort and Flow Mats – Built to relieve the pressure and strains of standing for hours at a time, comfort flow mats drastically improve the productivity and joint health of your employees. Professions that benefit from comfort and flow mats are hotel clerks, surgeons, security guards, reception workers, and anybody else who stands for long periods of time on the job.

A Mat Rental Service Keeps Your Business Clean

The primary purpose of any mat is to take on the dirt and grime so your clean floor doesn’t have to. You don’t want dirty floors caked with mud and moisture. Not only are they dangerous, but they’re unsightly. It doesn’t take much to tarnish a client’s image of your business in their mind. Dirty floors are easy to spot, and easy to make assumptions about.

CLS Has the Floor Mat Rental Service for You

Don’t give your customers the chance to rethink the quality of your goods or services. Keep your mats looking fresh at all times by hiring a mat rental service like CLS. With CLS, you’ll know top-notch, clean, and safe mats will always be where you need them to be. Kick your slip and fall worries out the door. Call CLS today at 800-875-4636 today and ask for a quote for our services!