CLS Customer Spotlight: MI Table

Michigan Table Customer Spotlight

In Downtown Bay City sits a new restaurant with big plans to show off the tastes of Michigan.

MI Table, pronounced my table, takes up a space that used to be an old bank. The old vault remains and is now used for special chef’s table events. Everything else in the space has been transformed to show off our state.

Come have a seat at my table and have a taste of Pure Michigan, said Amberlyn Hales, the owner, MI Table Restaurant

When Amberlyn Hales moved her new restaurant into old bank building in Bay City, Michigan she had big goals.

“To create an anchor restaurant in downtown Bay City that represented our state, said Hales. The goal was to have a place where people could come and experience Michigan. I wanted to show all the really awesome things we do have here, especially in agriculture. We produce so much and send out so much.”

Ninety percent of what you see inside MI Table is Michigan made and grown.

“Farm to table, all things Michigan, including our furniture, our tables, our light fixtures were made here. Even during construction we focused on what we could do locally to support economic growth, said Hales. We have pasties from the UP, we get meat from Grand Rapids, booze from Detroit, so we try to cover as much of it as we can.”

The food changes with the seasons and Hales says the menu is ever-evolving.

“One of our most popular items is our chicken pot pie with Michigan shaped buttermilk biscuits. We keep that one all the time, said Hales. We have a full Michigan bar. All our liquor, wine, cider, beer is all from Michigan.”

It’s not just the drinks that stand out on MI Table’s unique bar.

“We have a Michigan river bar. It’s sculpted maple with rocks in it from all over the great lakes, said Hales.

CLS has been able to help the new business thrive.

So, I thought I was going to make my own napkins and wash them and that lasted for five days. I never cleaned them all and then after washing them like eight times I was exhausted. So you guys came in and made my life a million times easier and consistent, said Hales. The customer service is great. The people that come in here they’re so nice all the time. If I have questions or I’m in a jam they’re always willing to help.”

Hales hopes to attract more people to Bay City to taste what Michigan has to offer and help the local economy. You can visit their Facebook page for more information.

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