Why Touch Free Restroom Systems Are Worth It

Touch Free Restroom Systems

Touch-free systems for your business’s bathroom have many advantages. From customer comfort to bathroom cleanliness, there’s many reasons to go touch free” in your restroom. Read on to learn why!

Touch Free Systems Make Customers Comfortable

Does anybody enjoy touching any part of an unfamiliar business’s bathroom? Don’t you feel relieved when a sink has no handles and the soap dispenser is automatic? It’s not just you. Bathrooms are a source of many fears and phobias, and for good reason. They’re gathering grounds for all kinds of bacteria and microbes.

When that fear is softened by technology that makes contact with bathroom surfaces optional, your customers will be more comfortable. That means better overall perceptions of the business, cleaner experiences, and better safety.

Touch Free Systems Make Bathrooms Cleaner

Because touch-free systems dispense predetermined amounts of material, there’s less inclination to overdo it. People in a rush tend to pump soap and towel dispensers quickly and rapidly. Though this is done in the interest of time or frustration, the end result is not good for your bathroom.

Soap spillover isn’t going to be cleaned by the people that spilled it. Then, it’s a messy slip hazard. Similarly, unflushed toilets are a nasty and discouraging reality for anybody looking to relieve themselves. Automated flush systems make negligence a thing of the past!

Touch Free Systems Improve Business Safety

When germs are transmitted, they’re done so by touch. Millions of bacteria can inhabit a single square inch of surface. Making things worse is the presence of water, which not only harbors bacteria, but makes it easier to transmit.

The less restroom surfaces people touch, the less microbes they’ll carry from the restroom into your business. For an office, that’s a comfort. For a restaurant, that’s vitally important.

Customers that don’t have to touch bathroom surfaces will be grateful and more comfortable using your restroom. That comfort not only means greater company associations, but less risk taking.

Acrobatics No More

And you don’t want customers endangering themselves to avoid touching things. The crane-style toilet flush, though an impressive display of dexterity and balance, is dangerous on possibly wet tile.

Automated systems will also eliminate the use of the creative elbow. In an effort to keep hands away from bathroom surfaces, customers and employees use the elbow in various ways. From unrolling the paper dispenser to turning the faucet on, the elbow is a multipurpose tool when needed. Unfortunately, it’s not a precise or gentle instrument. Reaching over a wet sink to nudge at the faucet handle can lead to slips or strains.

Don’t supply a reason for dangerous acrobatics. Let CLS make your bathroom a touch-free zone.

CLS Is Your Utility Automation Professional

Automated systems are complex technologies, but worth the investment. Outside of improving cleanliness and safety, they remind your customers that you’re looking out for them. That kind of association can go a long way.

Only problem is, the job needs to get done right. Don’t trust this important and complex job of bathroom utility automation to just anybody. For a no-issue installation, you’ll need an industry professional with experience and knowledge. CLS is the service to trust.

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