CLS Solutions For Your Business

CLS Solutions for Uniform and Linen Rental Issues

When you choose a vendor to provide your uniforms or linen, you expect them to make your job easier. And that’s what CLS strives to do.

After more than 120 years in business, CLS has learned how to avoid common issues in our industry.

First– we take the work out of managing your uniform program.

What we find in our industry is it could be someone who is an HR manager, it could be a production supervisor, it could be a manager at an auto store, it could be a health and safety officer, someone is tasked with the uniform responsibility, said Jared Caron, CLS Senior Senior Sales Associate It’s something that gets added on to someone’s responsibilities. What we often find is that person is spending a ton of time managing that program.”

At CLS we work to make things simple and easy to use.

Managers can track every garment, knowing where they are at all times.

Second– you’ll always be able to contact us for help, because we take communication seriously.

“We’re a locally family owned company. We’re Michigan’s largest independent and we handle communication differently that some of our competition, said Caron. To us, what we do is strive for that instant communication.”

At CLS, we have multiple steps in place so when our customers have an issue, we work to solve it immediately.

“CLS direct access, email, Customer Care, we actually have someone that answers the phone when you call, said Caron.

CLS takes customer care very seriously, and it shows.

I think what speaks most to how we handle our issues is our 98.8 retention rate. That means we keep almost 99 percent of our business a year, that’s with people closing their door unfortunately. We don’t lose business here at CLS and it’s a direct result of how we communicate and handle issues. Because at the end of the day, no one is perfect.”

Third– We work to avoid shortages of the products we provide.

“Shortages are a very big thing in our industry, said Caron.

Not having what you need to do your job is not acceptable. And while problems happen, CLS works to fix them, because we know you have a job to do.

And it starts at the route level, with your Route Sales Professional.

Our route guys are the most tenured drivers in the industry and they manage that account, they’re day to day anticipating the customer’s needs, said Caron.

Fourth– we guarantee to keep your team looking great by replacing worn out garments.

When you let CLS handle your uniform program you won’t have to worry if one of your uniforms is damaged on the job.

It’s not a he said she said, who’s responsible for the garment. The way we build our pricing and our culture here at CLS is that our price involves any worn out or ruined garments that you would have, said Caron.

Many times we replace garments before you even notice they’re getting worn out. We know our job is to deliver your image, and that image has to be top quality.

Our people in the plant do a good job of seeing if there’s a hole or something looks discolored, said Caron. We’re going to go ahead and just replace that without any questions asked.”

And finally, we promise you’ll understand our invoices.

“So we work really hard at CLS to have upfront pricing, bottom line pricing. When I give you a quote that’s exactly how your bill’s going to look when it comes week one, said Jared Caron. We don’t do any hidden charges. You’ll know exactly what you’re paying for.”

We understand loss and damage happens. And we plan ahead so you don’t get stuck with the bill.

“We have a program called TPP, the Total Protection Plan, which a lot of other competitors offer similar plans, but what’s unique to us is it covers loss and ruin, said Caron.

When it comes to pricing and service together, CLS can’t be beat.

It is a very competitive world out there but at the end of the day CLS, I believe, is the best company that the state of Michigan has, said Caron.

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