CLS Solutions: Confusing Billing

Confusing Billing Issues

Confusing invoices, unexplained billing and prices that change without notice. Do any of these sound familiar?

At CLS we work to avoid those common complaints by being honest and helping our customers understand our billing process.

So we work really hard at CLS to have upfront pricing, bottom line pricing. When I give you a quote that’s exactly how your bill’s going to look when it comes week one, said Jared Caron, Senior Sales Consultant.

Do you understand everything on your current uniform or linen invoice? If CLS is your provider the answer should be yes.

We don’t do any hidden charges. You’ll know exactly what you’re paying for, said Caron.

We understand loss and damage happens. And we plan ahead so you don’t get stuck with the bill.

We have a program called TPP, the Total Protection Plan which a lot of other competitors offer similar plans, but what’s unique to us is it covers loss and ruin, said Caron.

If you have a guy that ruins 6 pairs of pants for whatever reason, your bill is going to stay flat, because we’re just here to serve you and we understand that things happen, said Caron.

When it comes to pricing and service together, CLS can’t be beat.

Sometimes we find that it’s thousands of dollars a year that we can save them just because they weren’t necessarily paying attention to the price increases that they were receiving. And sometimes they are willing to pay more to get better service, said Caron.

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