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Uniforms, Linens, Mats, Mops in Saginaw, MI

We have worked with CLS for several years. CLS has been great to work with and willing to make adjustments due to changes with our practice. They are always willing to help look for ways to save money for our practice and that means a lot these days when no one seems to have enough time in their day to look at everything. Their customer service is excellent, I recommend CLS highly for your business needs.

Holly Frieders

Uniforms, Linens, Facility Services in Traverse City, MI

I am just dropping you a line regarding our business relationship over the past seven years here at Shoreline Fruit. Overall our service has been outstanding. We here at Shoreline Fruit depend on the deliveries we receive from CLS to keep the employees in good clean smocks, When there are issues they are taken care of right away. The issues are very few but CLS and the team do what it takes to ensure we are ready for the work day. The continued efforts we receive each week is what keeps us in the food industry able to do our jobs again with clean smocks and the proper inventory on site at all times. This type of service is what keeps CLS in good standing with our facility. Thanks to you and your staff we look forward to being with CLS for years to come.

Bill Coulston

Floor Mats in Kalamazoo, MI

Just a note to tell you how much I appreciate Tim (and how much we love having CLS mats). Tim is a nice man…and efficient.

Kalamazoo Public Library

Customer Service in Southfield, MI

I just wanted to take a moment to say how much my team likes our delivery person, Jerry. He always has a smile on his face, is very helpful with product deliveries when our business fluctuates with its ups and downs and he also is an all around nice guy. I look forward to seeing him each week.

A few weeks back, we told him many of our plastic keys for the toilet paper and paper towel dispensers were broke and we were in need of more. Today, he brought us two (2 in 1) metal keys for our dispensers. Small little thing, but huge to my Operations Team…it made our day. Kind of silly, but true.

Please tell the Powers that Be that we love and appreciate Jerry.

Thanks so much.

Silver Garden Event Center

Uniforms, Linens, Mats, Mops in Bay City, MI

I have been with CLS for many years now with my restaurant. I also use them currently in my 2nd restaurant. I have always experienced courteous professional salesman and drivers!! They have never let me down even when in a pinch or need any special orders. I use them because of the specialty products, and linen they provide are top notch and prices are very competitive!! I look forward to continue using them at my current 2 locations now, and in the future with any new locations.

Tony Jeske

Uniforms, Mats, Towels, Mops, Aprons in Cedar Lake, MI

Great service and great people to work with. Very good at filling our every need and filling it on time. our delivery person is always knowledgeable and friendly. reasonable prices. we recommend cls to any company looking for a full-service linen service!


Cleaning in Kalamazoo, MI

Very hard workers.


Uniforms, Mats, Apparel, and all our supplies in Kalamazoo, MI

I just want to take a moment to thank Jared Caron for his outstanding service. He has been so helpful getting us everything we need, coming back several times to check and switch sizes and styles. We could not be more grateful. Your service options are great! Everything is so easy, we got set-up with all of our supplies, which helps us to focus on the things that are important. We look forward to working with CLS, and are excited to explore all our options as we grow.


Uniform Rental in Kalamazoo, MI

CLS does a great job for us. We know that route person is going to be here and if there are any questions they handle them well and our needs are taken care of, so it’s been a great relationship. I think one of the things that draws us to CLS is we are very proud to be doing business with a west Michigan company, someone who is local and if we have needs we really appreciate that they’re in our neighborhood.

Gary Koster
Mall City Containers

Uniform Rental in Cadillac, MI

All the needs I’ve ever needed they’ve handled everything in an efficient manner with quality and a smile on their face.

Chad Boolman
Merrill’s Service Center