Behind the Scenes with the CLS Garment Manager

Derek VanderMeer - Garment Manager

Does your company need a uniform program? We think so!

Work uniforms provide a cohesive look for your team, help customers identify your team members and promote your business image.

CLS can take the work out of your work uniforms by not only providing all the items for you, but also washing and maintaining them too.

Before those garments go out, we chip and label each one, making sure you know where all your employees’ uniforms are at all times.

Garment Manager Derek VanderMeer is in charge of getting new garments and uniforms ready for their wearers each day.

There’s a lot of process to this. It involves a lot of people doing a lot of things to get the garments sent out to the right place each time, said Derek VanderMeer, the CLS Garment Manager.

At CLS, we can provide your business with a wide variety of custom work options so you can find the exact right look and feel for your company. Plus, we also offer embroidery and logo services so that your uniforms also promote your brand.

Each day, hundreds of garments leave our stockroom, heading out to customers in need.

We’re a growing company so we’re seeing the numbers out of the stockroom grow and grow and grow, which is great business-wise, it presents a challenge for us in the stockroom for us keeping those things organized, said VanderMeer.

And we take pride in keeping our customers informed, every step of the way.

CLS has invested a lot of money and time into making sure that all these garments are correctly labeled, correctly chipped so that we can track all along the line of where they are and where they’re going to.” said VanderMeer.

VanderMeer, who manages a group of about 20 to 30 people says his group’s hard work stands out. “The garment department is the best department at CLS, by far. So the people that I get to work with everyday definitely help make that better.”

And looking at the racks upon racks of uniforms that go out each day provide a sense of accomplishment.

“It’s a good feeling to be able to look at exactly what you’ve accomplished for the day, for sure, said VanderMeer.

If you’re looking to add uniforms for your employees, CLS can help. Learn more about the industries we serve and get a free quote today.