Best Uniform Service in 2023

Best Uniform Service in 2023 Kalamazoo

Does your company need a uniform service? It’s almost 2023. Your business is getting back on track from the past year’s challenges. Some areas need fixing and adjusting from the best uniform service in 2023. You ask yourself: is my constant supply in need of help?

Reasons to Get a Uniform Service for the New Year

If you find yourself in any of these scenarios, it’s time to call a Michigan uniform service company near you:

You Use Uniforms at Work

If uniforms are a part of your daily operations, you can benefit from a uniform service. It does not matter whether your uniforms are purely practical or they are more of commercial and corporate kind. Uniform service makes your constant use, supply management, and maintenance better and more convenient. And if you have the right service partner to work with, it can even help you save on costs!

You Are Looking to Cut Costs and Not Quality

It does not matter who shouldering the uniforms’ cost – they can be costly. And if you’re not careful, it can get pricier. The right uniform service provider helps ease the burden of cost. From securing higher-quality uniforms without upfront investment to more cost-efficient management and maintenance, having a reliable uniform service provider can make a massive difference.

You Need the Certainty of a Stable Uniform Supply

Securing supply stability is one of the biggest challenges of keeping a uniform inventory. This problem exists for companies that take care of their uniform inventory with in-house laundry and those that let employees take their uniforms home. Ensuring a clean, ready-to-use set of uniforms for each shift goes beyond washing cycles. There’s always the issue of repairs and replacements in case of damage. The right uniform service provider is the solution. Aside from providing better uniforms, they also operate to comprehensively eliminate every responsibility of having uniforms.

CLS: The Best Uniform Service in 2023 for Michigan Businesses

When you decide to get your facility the quality uniform service it deserves, there’s only one name in Michigan uniform service that you can trust: CLS! CLS provides everything you’d want and need from a uniform service provider:

  • Over 100 Years in the Michigan Uniform Service Industry. CLS boasts of a rich, expansive industry history spanning over 100 years. We have honed our skills and knowledge in constant supply and maintenance. We have rightfully earned our “expert” title so you can trust that your uniform service is done in consistently excellent quality.  
  • A State-of-the-Art Garment Care Facility That Brings the Best Results. We have some of the most advanced laundry care regimens in the country! The combined use of high-grade, low-alkaline soaps, and our state-of-the-art Michigan laundry facility, ensures 98% effective removal of impurities on your garments. This includes tough-to-remove grease and oils. With CLS’s expert care, you can trust your uniforms will always be in their cleanest, safest condition.
  • Complete and Dedicated Customer Service from Day One. CLS is all about customer service. Our team of customer care experts ensures that your concerns are addressed promptly and sufficiently. We maintain open, personal communication to help you exactly how you need it.

Make Excellent Uniforms Happen with CLS

There’s no better time than now to sign up for the best uniform service in 2023 with CLS. Call us today at 1-800-875-4636 to consult with any of our in-house experts!