7 Tips for Choosing the Right Industrial Uniforms

7 Tips for Choosing the Right Industrial Uniforms

When choosing industrial uniforms, you have to consider more than just what looks good. Depending on the business, industrial uniforms can be a barrier between your employees and a dangerous work environment. So don’t just skim through a catalog and select the first option that catches your eye! Use the process below to choose industrial uniforms that fit your business requirements.

1. Look up the uniform laws for your industry.

Do your employees work with dangerous chemicals, machinery and equipment? As an employer it’s your responsibility to assess the workplace and determine whether personal protective equipment (PPE) is needed and then to determine what type of PPE your employees may require. You’re also responsible to ensure that all PPE fits properly and is maintained and sanitized correctly to provide maximum protection. You’ll also need to make sure that your employees know when to wear types of protective apparel and how to put it on and take it off.

The takeaway is that when your staff is working, you’re responsible for their health and safety. In industrial settings, this responsibility is even heavier because of the nature of the work. Do your research and make sure you know what the law requires.

You can find some general requirements from the OHSA here.

2. Consider the work environment

When choosing the right industrial uniforms, the work environment should be a huge factor in determining what kind of work apparel your employees need, what types of fabric you should choose, etc. For example, if your employees work outside year-round, then they might require breathable, light apparel during the summer and extra apparel like coats and jackets during the winter.

3. Think about the requirements of the job

Chances are, there’s a lot of variety in the types of jobs that your employees are doing. And with that variety comes variety in their uniform needs. Consider how apparel style and fabric will impact your employee’s job performance and job function. For example, your front desk shouldn’t be wearing the same thing as your mechanics because they’re required to do very different tasks.

Not only do differing uniforms help your clients or customers correctly identify your employees, but clearly delineated uniform colors or styles can help employees recognize and work with each other better!

4. Incorporate your company branding

Your employees are a representation of your company, so it doesn’t make any sense to choose the same uniform colors as the business down the street! When picking a uniform style or features, think about your company colors and brand. When your staff is interacting with customers, you want them to give the best impression of your company possible. Plus, why would you pass up a free marketing opportunity?

5. Consult your employees

While you may have all the decision-making power, your staff has to wear the uniforms every time they come into work, which can make up most of their waking hours. Before making a final decision on your uniforms, you should definitely consult your employees to learn more about their job requirements and preferences.

6. Prioritize

Once you’ve thought about and collected information on legal requirements, employee preferences, branding and marketing, job functions and work environment, it’s time to prioritize. What factors should play the biggest role in your uniform selection? For example, if employees are interacting frequently with customers and aren’t involved with any dangerous tasks, branding and marketing might be a more important factor in selecting a uniform. On the other hand, if employees are required to perform difficult manual labor, your employee safety, comfort and mobility should be prioritized.

7. Work with a uniform service provider that you can depend on

It doesn’t matter how carefully you’ve planned – your entire uniform program can fall apart if you choose to work with a uniform service provider that can’t or won’t meet your company’s needs.

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