Different Types of Commercial Floor Mats

Commercial Floor Mats

There are many different types of commercial floor mats available for you – but do you know which ones suit your business’ needs best?

Not all floor mats are made equal, and the choice you make when it comes to your commercial floor mats can make all the difference between effectiveness and an outright waste of time and money – and possibly a lawsuit.

How do you know you’re making the right choice, though? Here’s an easy diagram that shows the most commonly available commercial floor mats, how they’re made, and which applications they are best suited for.

The Different Types of Commercial Floor Mats

Type of Floor MatDescriptionSuitable Applications
CLASSIC MATSThese mats are your run-of-the-mill commercial floor mats, usually featuring your standard nitrile rubber backing for anti-slip and anti-skid and top filters to keep dirt and moisture from getting dragged onto your premises. They usually feature generic, solid colors or classic designs that can easily blend in with their surroundings.They are ideal for main entryways and indoor facility entryways. For areas that expect above-average foot traffic or have entrances directly connected to the curb, these classic mats may work best as a secondary matting after a strong, heavy-duty scraper mat.
LOGO MATSLogo mats are basically made of the same materials as classic floor mats, featuring the same nitrile rubber backing and dirt filters on top. The main and only difference lies in the logo mats’ customized designs. The graphics are available in standard and HD variations.These commercial floor mats are designed for both form and function and work great as a focal point for reception areas in any business. Maximize the impact of your logo mats by making sure you get them made and serviced through a service provider that uses topnotch printing technology.
COMPLETE COMFORT MATSAs the name implies, the main function of comfort mats is comfort. Also called anti-fatigue mats, these special commercial floor mats are designed to ease the fatigue that comes with jobs that require standing for longer periods of time. Their special design and materials stimulate micro-movements in the feet that help promote better weight distribution, thereby lessening the impact on only the same areas throughout, as well as improving blood circulation in these highly-impacted body parts.These floor mats are most ideal for use in businesses or areas in your facility where employees are expected to work on their feet for extended periods of time. These include factories, workshops, restaurants, kitchens, laboratories, and even operating theaters.
COMFORT FLOW MATSLike complete comfort mats, comfort flow mats are anti-fatigue mats that improve the ergonomic quality of your workplace. The main difference lies in the fact that these flow mats are grease- and oil-resistant, making them better for protecting against slip and trip accidents.Because of their added water and grease resistance, comfort flow mats are more suitable for areas where there is substantial exposure to moisture and oil, such as in commercial kitchens and food processing factories.
SCRAPER MATSThe most important quality of scraper mats is their highly abrasive surface. As the name implies, these scraper mats are designed to help brush off dirt, moisture, and other debris stuck under the soles of shoes.Scraper mats make for your most effective main entrance floor matting solution and are especially ideal for businesses that are directly connected to the curb.
MICHIGAN MATSMichigan Mats, also known as “water dam” mats, are designed with absorbent surfaces. They can hold dirt and excess moisture in and are designed for indoor and outdoor use.Michigan Mats are your ideal, heavy-duty, year-round floor matting solutions. They are ideal for any business and especially useful during the seasons of rain and snow because they help keep the mush and remnants of the outside from getting inside your facility.

The Secret to Making Better Floor Matting Choices

When it comes to commercial floor mats, your best guarantee for getting high-quality, durable, and fashionable commercial floor mats that function the way they are supposed to is to work with an expert in everything commercial floor mats.

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