How to Make Sure Your Work Uniforms Fit Properly

Making Sure Uniforms Fit Properly

We hate to break it to you, but one-size-fits-all is a lie. There’s no one shirt or pair of pants that will fit all of your employees perfectly, and there shouldn’t be. All of your employees are different, and they all deserve custom work uniforms that fit right and look great.

Work uniforms should provide a cohesive look for your team, help customers identify your team members and promote your business image. Uniforms that fit poorly are only going to give your customers a negative first impression of your business.

Here are a few guidelines to help you make sure that your work uniforms fit properly:

1. Get accurate size information

When it comes to getting work apparel that actually fits, small, medium and large won’t help you very much. These seemingly-standard sizes vary widely from manufacturer to manufacturer. It’s much more reliable to get accurate measurements, then to compare those measurements to size charts provided by the manufacturer, if applicable. A medium at Target isn’t necessarily going to be the same medium from an industrial workwear manufacturer.

2. Select uniforms that will be universally flattering

While you can’t get one size that fits everyone, you can make an effort to choose work uniforms with a style and color that will look good on your employees. Obviously, it’s impossible to choose a different uniform style for each employee – that defeats the entire purpose of a uniform! However, you can attempt to choose uniforms that your employees will generally look and feel good in. Stay away from uniform shirts and pants that hug too close to the body as well as those that are too baggy. Reds, teals and purples are just a few colors that work with a variety of skin tones.

3. Get your uniforms custom-fitted

The single best way to ensure that you get uniforms that actually fit your employees is to get custom work uniforms! For example, at CLS, we custom-fit each employee to ensure that you get the right fit and look through our work apparel program. That way, you can get the standardized look that you need without sentencing your employees to a life in uncomfortable and ill-fitting clothes.

4. Assess the fit and look every so often

People change, and so should their uniforms. It might be a good idea to have your employees re-assess the fit and look of their uniforms on a regular basis and request size changes if necessary. If you would like to request a size change for CLS uniforms, you can contact our service management team at

Plus, regular uniform assessments are a great way to remind yourself to change up your uniform look every so often to keep your brand fresh and interesting.

Get Custom Work Uniforms from CLS!

At CLS, you can get work uniforms that actually fit your employees. We can provide your business with a wide variety of custom work options so you can find the exact right look and feel for your company. Plus, we also offer embroidery and logo services so that your uniforms also promote your brand! Contact us today to learn more about our custom work uniforms.