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The jobs required to operate an industrial facility need industrial uniforms as tough as they are. It’s important to not only secure quality uniforms from a proven manufacturer but also to regularly maintain them. Here’s the best way to fulfill both requirements and maintain a ready supply of industrial uniforms at all times:

Providing Industrial Uniforms: A Challenge of Quality and Resources

There are industrial positions where the uniforms must not only meet certain safety requirements but also be able to stand up to the rigors of the job. This is why industrial businesses need uniforms that are high-quality, well-maintained, and always clean.

Why Industrial Uniform Quality Matters

There are many industrial positions where the uniform is a key part of the job. For example:

  • In food processing facilities, uniforms must consist of materials that can withstand constant cleaning and contact with food. They also need to be comfortable to wear for long periods of time.
  • In manufacturing facilities, such as manufacturing plants, the uniforms need to be durable enough to withstand constant, repetitive movements and exposure to chemicals and other contaminants.
  • In industrial chemical facilities, uniform quality and proper fit are essential elements of safety protocol. A well-maintained, easily removed uniform can be the difference between a burn and a close call.

Poor-quality uniforms will not only wear out quickly, but they can also be dangerous. For example, if a food processing uniform made from inferior, it could easily tear and contaminate the food. In a manufacturing plant, a uniform that is not durable or properly fit will can produce conditions for an accident. In a chemical facility, any shortcoming in used uniforms is an opening for chemical interactions with skin.

Importance of Properly Caring for Industrial Uniforms

It is not enough to simply have high-quality industrial uniforms. They also need to be properly cared for in order to maintain their quality and durability. This includes regular cleaning and repair or replacement of damaged items. To truly care for industrial uniforms, regular inspections and repairs are unavoidable. Here’s how to perform them with fully and regularly:

Inspection: Finding Issues Before They Become Problems

There can be no assurance of uniform effectiveness regarding safety without regular inspection and maintenance. The best way to ensure these important tasks get done is to assign a person or group to the task. Here’s a small checklist they should follow at every cleaning:

  1. Check all garment seams for fraying or wear
  2. Inspect and repair any damage to the fabric, buttons, or other components
  3. Ensure that the uniform is free of stains
  4. Check for signs of discoloration and fading due to sun exposure.

When issues are found, they need to be resolved before wearing the uniform again.

Cleaning industrial uniforms is typically done with industrial-strength laundry equipment. This ensures that the uniforms are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

Repair: Fixing Issues Before They Become Additional Expenses

Properly repairing industrial-grade uniforms takes knowledge, experience, and skill. This is especially true when considering the quality and thickness of fabric that uniforms are traditionally made out of. Here’s a small list of typical repairs that are common in industrial uniforms, and how to properly fix them:

  • Rips/Tears: Use industrial-strength thread and needle to properly sew the rip or tear with matching fabric and color. Doing this properly and without making a visible mark takes a great deal of training and skill.
  • Stains: If a stain is small enough, it might be possible to remove it with industrial-strength stain remover. Otherwise, the stained area needs removal and replacement with new fabric.
  • Buttons/Zippers: Replace worn buttons/zippers with industrial-grade buttons/zippers. If a button is missing, industrial-strength thread and needle can sew a new one into place.
  • Thinning: If fabric is looking thin due to wear, reinforce the fabric at thinning areas with fabric of similar color and texture. Here’s a helpful video to show this process in action. 

Quality industrial uniforms are essential for industrial professions of all kinds. They provide protection from harm, comfort and convenience during long shifts, and even help maintain a professional look and keep morale high. Achieving this level of professionalism and uniform safety on a business’s own requires a sizable upfront investment as well as continuing costs of laundry and maintenance.

Alternatively, industrial facilities can outsource their uniform need to an experienced and ready provider like CLS.

CLS: The Ideal Supplier of Industrial Uniforms

When industrial businesses need durable, professional industrial uniforms they turn to CLS. We provide professional-grade industrial uniforms, launder, and maintain them. At CLS, we understand the challenges that industrial businesses face when it comes to providing high-quality, durable, and comfortable

That’s why it’s so important to choose a uniform provider that can meet the specific needs of your industrial business. CLS is an industrial uniform provider that specializes in quality, custom-made uniforms that last and look great.

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