Inside CLS: On the Route with Perry Shepard

Perry Shepard
For CLS Route Sales Professional, Perry Shepard, the days start well before the sun comes up.

Each morning, he loads up his truck, ready to face between 20 and 40 customers. But for him, and many of the other CLS Route Sales Professionals, they’ve become so much more. “A lot of these aren’t really customers any more, they’ve gotten to be friends.”

Shepard has been part of the CLS team for 17 years, crafting relationships since day one. It’s absolutely important to have that relationship with your customers because a lot of it is trust.

“Knowing your customers, knowing who’s at the stops. The gentleman that trained me long ago, the one thing he always told me was- it’s harder to throw Perry out of a stop if they know your name. If they don’t know who you are or anything about you, you’re just like the next guy, said Shepard. When you know somebody’s name it means a lot to them that you pay enough attention to know their names.”

“They’re my friends. It’s not deliveries any more it’s visits.” Visits we at CLS know are extremely important to the company.

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