Keeping Your Business Clean During the Winter

Keeping Your Business Clean During Winter

Is your business space winter-ready?

Winter means a lot of things – the holidays and the merrymaking, the picturesque view of snow blanketing the landscape – but it is not so much a winter wonderland when remnants of the snow and ice get dragged indoors. Forget about the holidays – you’ll be spending them scrubbing and cleaning during this trying time of year. So, here are some helpful tips on how you can keep your business clean during the winter season!

Keeping Your Business Space Clean in Wintertime

While snow and excess moisture are the most common complaints people associate with winter filth, there is more to clean this season. This list is designed to help you combat the dirt and grime in your business space from floor to ceiling, from the entryways to the exit doors!

  1. Start the season clutter-free. Spring cleaning may get all the attention but winter cleaning is just as important! Prepare for this season by decluttering your business space. Throw away all the unnecessary papers and mess you’ve acquired throughout the summer and fall, do a thorough scrub of your floors and toilets, and reach all the nooks and crannies before it gets too cold to get started.
  2. Keep the air quality in tip-top shape. One of the biggest enemies of winter cleanliness is, unfortunately, invisible. Winter is rife with contagious diseases aggravated by closed, stuffy rooms. The cold season not only lowers our bodies’ natural defenses but also keeps us indoors, which helps communicable diseases like the flu thrive. Keep the air quality of your business space and your employees and clients healthy! You can achieve this by installing exhaust fans, humidifiers, and adding some winter-friendly indoor plants like peace lilies.
  3. Stock up on the hand disinfectants. Communicable winter diseases like the flu are not only transferred by breathing the same, disgusting, stuffy indoor air. More than anything, poor hand hygiene is its number-one any-season culprit. Combat this by promoting proper handwashing within your business space and helping your employees and clients achieve it by stocking up on your hand sanitizers and hand soaps.
  4. Put extra effort into cleaning the windows. It is always important to clean your windows for purposes of appearance. During the winter months, however, cleaning your windows is tantamount to adding a little more sunshine and brightness to an otherwise bleak, dark, and stuffy indoor space. Get sparkling, streak-free results by incorporating an alcohol-based window solution, a squeegee and microfiber towels into your window cleaning regimen.
  5. Disinfect every room. Disinfecting may already be part of your routine but the challenges of the winter season require a boost in your disinfecting strategies. Focus your cleaning efforts, especially on germ hotspots like doorknobs, keyboards and cash registers, toilets, and confined spaces
  6. Amp up your floor cleaning and protection. Floors are the most visibly battered in any business space during the winter months. Snow gets dragged in, the floor is left wet, not to mention salt from the streets not only looks dirty but also threatens to ruin your floor surfaces! Secure your floors with proper winter floor mat planning and by regularly following up with a cleaning routine for your floors! Use only the right kinds of industrial floor mats, spread out from your outdoor entryways well into your indoor spaces and hallways to ensure that no debris, moisture, or salt ends up on your floors. And for everything else that gets dragged in, use industrial-grade dry and wet mops as well as vacuuming the salt away.

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