Kurt Vander Meer Quote

Laundry and image are our business at CLS, but we know it’s about so much more than that.

We sat down with CLS President and Owner, Kurt Vander Meer to hear what he believes is the heart of the company.

We’re kind of that unknown industry that everybody’s using our products, said Kurt Vander Meer, President and Owner of CLS.

We know it’s the support provided by our sales and service teams that keep our customers coming back.

It’s all about relationships. Our route guys, we know they’re the company. We know that our customers are doing business with their route guy, said Vander Meer. People do business with people. You can get a towel, you can get a mat, you can get something from anybody. But you can’t get a relationship from everybody, said Vander Meer.

When you sign up with CLS, you get personalized service tailored to fit your business’s needs and all designed to make running your business easier.

What we really work on hard here at CLS is to really know our customers, to really know their needs, to really understand what it is that they’re trying to do. To help them grow, said Vander Meer.

And for CLS, our 120+ year old roots in Michigan are just as important.

We really believe in doing business locally. And so, Michigan, at the core, it’s about the people and it’s about the relationships that you have with those people and that’s kind of what I thrive on, said Vander Meer.

Our Why: Relationships.

If you’d like to see what a relationship with CLS is like, click here to talk with our team.