Essential Uniform Care Tips You Need to Know

Essential Uniform Care Tips

First impressions are everything, and one of the first things a customer will see are your employees.

People decide within a tenth of a second if they can trust someone. You have to earn their trust, and fast!

Will customers trust your employees to get the job done if their uniforms are run-down, torn, faded, or unprofessional? Probably not. That’s why it’s important to maintain clean, stylish, professional uniforms at all times.

Here at CLS, we’ve been in the uniform business since 1899. We know what it takes to take care of your uniforms and ensure they continue to make great first impressions on your customers.

Here are some essential uniform care tips you need to know:

Wash With Care

Different fabrics and colors wash differently, so be aware of how to properly wash your specific type of uniform. If you have white uniforms, separate them from any colors. Avoid fabric softeners as they make it difficult for dirt and stain removal.

Be sure to wash your uniforms inside out to help avoid fading. Don’t over stuff the washer, and don’t over-dry the clothes. Keeping the washer and dryer on a gentler cycle with a gentler detergent can help keep your uniforms stay fresh.

If your uniforms are embroidered, wash them in cold water and dry them on low heat. Don’t iron the embroidered area or you will risk the embroidery fading, tearing, and/or falling off.

If you don’t have time to follow all of these steps to properly take care of your uniforms, there’s always CLS! We provide uniform rental and laundering services to a variety of businesses so you can get the most out of your uniforms without putting in the work.

Keep Some Extra Uniforms Handy

While it may sound like a waste of money, there are good reasons to have extra uniforms on hand. You never know what can happen on the job and, if an employee gets a spill on their uniform, it’s best to treat the stain on the spot to increase the chance of getting it out.

Having extra uniforms ready to go allow your employees to continue looking their best while immediately and effectively treating stains on the spot.

Know When It’s Time for an Upgrade

Uniforms don’t last forever, no matter how well you take care of them. Accidents happen, stains occur, and multiple uses can lead to fading and tearing. Know when it’s time to upgrade your uniforms, and invest in a uniform provider you can trust.

Work With a Quality Uniform Service

The easiest way to take care of uniforms is to have a professional uniform service take care of them for you. Utilizing a company like CLS will ultimately help save you money and valuable time in the long run.

A full-service uniform rental company will handle all your uniform needs for you. They are responsible for laundry, the purchasing of the uniforms, and repairs and maintenance. They save you time so you can focus on what matters most – your customers.

Let CLS Make Your Job Easier Today!

CLS knows the importance of image and maintaining a professional appearance in the workplace at all times. If you are washing your uniforms, do so carefully. Keep extra uniforms on hand in case of accidents, or consider investing in a reliable uniform service.

CLS is here to help make your job easier today. For more information on our uniform services, contact us for a quote at 800-875-4636.