What Next Generation Uniforms Can Do for Your Business

Next Generation Work Uniforms

Looking for an upgrade for your business’s uniforms? Are you tired of wasting money on disappointingly low-quality apparel for your business? You’ve come to the right place! CLS has the right uniforms for you.

CLS offers a new, specialized selection of industrial uniforms that meet your needs on wearer comfort, durability, quality, and soundness of design. What does this mean for your business? It means a whole lot of great advantages that benefit your brand, your budget, and most importantly, your employees.

When you sign up for Next Generation uniforms, you can expect benefits where it matters most:

Improved appearance

The CLS selection of Next Generation work uniforms are designed to look better for longer. In many industries, including automotive care, permanent stains and occasional rips and tears are inevitable. This is something that Next Generation uniforms can actually protect you from.

For one, uniforms from our Next Generation collection feature OilBlok technology which makes the fabric oil repellent. This means that even the klutziest of days cannot leave their mark on your uniforms – not even the stickiest of automobile fluids like transmission fluid, motor oils, etc.

Next Generation uniforms are also made of Ripstop fabrics which are proven to be 75% more durable and stronger than their basic, poplin counterparts.

These uniforms can go from the storefront to the shops, getting all that literal elbow grease.

Long-Term savings

With more durable uniforms that have high resistance to the usual signs of wear and tear like fading, discoloration, and permanent staining, CLS’ Next Generation uniforms can save your business from the costs of frequent repairs and replacements.

Next Generation uniforms are designed to give you more use out of each uniform, taking each penny you put into your uniform inventory farther than any other uniform you’ve ever bought!

With the savings that you get from longer-lasting uniforms from CLS, you can redirect your budget into other, more important things. Can you imagine any other uniforms with this combination of low-maintenance, high-durability features?

Happier Employees

One of the biggest and most important considerations in designing the Next Generation uniforms was wearer comfort. Every aspect of our Next Generation uniforms is intended to provide maximum functionality, ease of movement, and optimum breathability to help keep even the busiest and most tiring of days more tolerable.

How exactly do Next Generation uniforms do that?

For one, the Ripstop fabric keeps it lightweight on top of it being more durable. The panels are flexible and stretchy for improved mobility. Next Generation uniforms also feature mesh-lined collars to boost comfort and breathability even further.

For functionality, the uniforms are designed with multiple, accessible utility pockets so you can bring as many tools as you need on-the-go!

Get Next Generation Uniforms from CLS Today

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