Why You Shouldn’t Bring Your Uniforms Home

Why You Shouldn't Bring Uniforms Home

There are many reasons why you shouldn’t bring your uniforms home. Be it medical, dental, restaurant, or industrial apparel, no uniforms should leave the premises unless taken by an industrial laundry professional.

From managing public exposure of pathogens to keeping the public at ease, leaving uniforms in the hands of a professional laundry service has many benefits. Having the right linen and uniform provider will make things safer and easier.

Keeping Pathogens From the Public

Here’s why it’s important to leave uniforms at their facilities, and how professional laundry management can help:

The issue of wearing uniforms in public is getting a lot of attention due to COVID-19. There is, however, a long-standing discussion on it. Professionals take both sides of the issue. On one side, they say that pathogens can stay alive on fabrics for days after hitching a ride. During that time, they’re just as capable of infecting people as they are at work. On the other side, some say there’s no evidence to support that transmission actually takes place and second-hand infection isn’t possible.

CLS takes the side of better safe than sorry, especially when dealing with antibiotic-resistant, highly-infectious pathogens. If they don’t leave the workplace except through a professional linen service, they stay contaminated. Why take the chance?

Easing the Public Mind

In the wake of COVID-19, there’s no denying that the public is on edge. Businesses are forcibly shut down, people are taking extra precautions with every grocery store visit, and people are forced to stay home in an effort to contain the virus’ spread. Tensions are high to say the least.

If ever there was a time to reconsider a permissive stance on wearing uniforms in public, it’s now. For example, even if someone works in administration or hospital management and only wears scrubs to abide by policy, their association with scrubs and other medical uniforms is still present.

Their fears won’t go away when COVID-19 eventually does, and that fear can lead to terrible actions.

Dangers of Home Laundry

The average worker is exposed to countless dangerous elements throughout their day. From bodily fluids and biological contaminants in the medical field to chemicals in the industrial field, the clothing that protects them catches and carries it all. Bringing those clothes home to wash in the same machine as your family does their laundry in is an unnecessary danger.

Most in-home washing machines don’t possess the heating capabilities necessary to effectively kill pathogens brought home on uniforms. The detergents used in standard washing machines, too, don’t have the power to effectively eliminate all dangers. Not only do these series of ineffective measures not clean and disinfect the clothing worn back to work, but they allow contamination to survive in the machine, potentially passing it on to family.

How to Keep the Public and Your Family Safe While Improving Facility Operation: Uniform Laundry or Rental Services by CLS

To help keep everyone safe, you need a professional uniform or laundry service. CLS has over a century’s worth of experience serving a variety of industries. We know what it takes to ensure safe sourcing, laundering procedure, and delivery of your facility’s uniforms. To start each day with uniform and linen confidence, give us a call at 800-875-4636, or contact us here.