Facility Services in Grand Rapids, MI

CLS stands as the premier choice for facility services in Grand Rapids, delivering top-tier service and high-quality products to businesses. With a wide array of services tailored specifically for your needs, we ensure your workspace is not just clean and safe, but also promotes productivity.

Air Fresheners

Unpleasant smells can lower productivity and employee contentment. Our superior air fresheners maintain a fresh and inviting atmosphere, making the workspace comfortable for your team.

Can Liners

We supply sturdy can liners, made to fit various can sizes. They prevent leakage and spills, enhancing the overall cleanliness and hygiene of your workspace.

Cloth Roll Towels

CLS’s cloth roll towels are excellent for areas with high foot traffic. They have high absorbency, making them perfect for maintaining a clean space. They are an eco-friendly and economical solution for your cleaning requirements.

Face Masks

CLS provides a wide range of masks that comply with all safety standards, safeguarding your team without sacrificing comfort.

First Aid Products

Having a range of first aid products is crucial in any workplace. With our facility services in Grand Rapids, we supply a wide variety of first aid products. You can focus on your business, confident that your safety is in our capable hands.


Our strong gloves cater to various industry needs. Whether for food service or maintenance work, we supply the appropriate gloves, ensuring the safety of your staff.

Microfiber Cleaning Towels

Our microfiber cleaning towels give top-notch cleaning performance. With high absorbency and the ability to attract dirt, microfiber provides a deep clean that makes your workspace gleam.

ES15 Disinfectant

Included in our facility services in Grand Rapids, we offer Miracle Disinfectant – a potent solution that eliminates 99.99% of germs. This helps keep your workspace sanitized, safe, and free of germs.

Paper and Soap Dispensers

We provide a range of sleek, reliable, and user-friendly paper and soap dispensers. CLS makes sure your workspace is consistently supplied with the essentials, ensuring a high level of hygiene.

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As a reliable provider of facility services in Grand Rapids, CLS caters to your safety and cleaning requirements with dedication and professionalism. Choosing us means choosing a cleaner, healthier, and better workspace. Contact us today and let us customize a facility service plan that suits your unique needs. Discover the CLS difference and leave your workspace worries to us.