Mat Rental in Kalamazoo, Michigan

For over 100 years, CLS has cemented itself as your trusted provider for mat rentals in Kalamazoo, Michigan. No matter your industry, we demonstrate an unwavering commitment to elevating your brand image and operations with durable, comfortable, and functional mats that protect the ones who matter most. 

Our comprehensive mat solutions reduce dirt and moisture tracked indoors but also minimize slip-and-fall accidents, showcasing your commitment to people first. Here’s how we lead the charge with real solutions:

Logo Mats

Logo mats from CLS are a distinctive way to promote your brand with a company logo while maintaining a clean, safe entrance. Expertly crafted with high-quality materials, our logo mats showcase your company identity and create a lasting impression. With a mat as stylish as it is durable, we reinforce brand recognition while providing a safe surface for your visitors.

Michigan Mats

Our Michigan mats sport unmistakable Michigan strength to withstand the diverse weather conditions of the region. Offering all-weather protection, they effectively capture dirt, moisture, and debris, ensuring a clean and safe interior. Invest in CLS’s reliable and durable Michigan mats to keep your business space pristine, regardless of the season.

Image Mats

Image Mats elevate your brand by displaying high-quality images and logos with stunning clarity. They offer a vibrant and eye-catching platform to showcase your business identity while maintaining a clean and safe entrance. Choose CLS Image Mats for an impressive, lasting impression.

Anti-Fatigue Mats

Anti-fatigue mats from your #1 provider for mat rental in Kalamazoo, Michigan, provide ergonomic comfort and support for employees in standing work environments. Designed to reduce physical strain, these mats alleviate discomfort and fatigue, improving productivity and well-being. Invest in CLS anti-fatigue mats for a more comfortable and efficient workplace, promoting employee satisfaction and health.

Comfort Flow Mats

Comfort flow mats from CLS offer superior cushioning and support, coupled with a high air-flow design for improved comfort. These mats ensure a well-ventilated standing area, reducing heat and moisture buildup, which is perfect for businesses with long-standing workstations. Choose comfort flow mats for enhanced employee well-being and productivity.

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