Mat Rental in Saginaw, Michigan

CLS has been a trusted mat rental in Saginaw, Michigan for more than a hundred years. We consistently provide robust, user-friendly, and effective mats that boost the look and functionality of your business, keeping everyone safe.

Our comprehensive mat services do more than just keep the dirt and wetness outside. They also significantly reduce slipping accidents, reflecting our commitment to people’s safety. Here’s a look at our top-quality offerings that set us apart in the mat rental in Saginaw market:

Logo Mats

Our logo mats from CLS are a brilliant way to spotlight your company logo while maintaining a neat, safe entry point. They’re skillfully made using superior materials, presenting your company identity and leaving a lasting mark. A stylish and durable mat from us enhances brand recognition while providing a secure footing for your visitors.

Michigan Mats

Our Michigan mats showcase the undeniable toughness of Michigan, able to withstand its diverse weather conditions. They offer year-round defense by trapping dirt, moisture, and debris, ensuring a clean and safe indoor environment. For a pristine business setting in any weather, count on the reliable and durable Michigan mats from CLS.

Image Mats

CLS’s image mats make your brand pop by featuring high-definition images and logos with striking accuracy. These mats provide a vibrant platform to flaunt your business identity while keeping the entrance neat and secure. Opt for our image mats for a memorable and lasting impression.

Anti-Fatigue Mats

Anti-fatigue mats from CLS, the leading name for mat rental in Saginaw, offer ergonomic comfort for employees in standing workstations. Designed to ease physical stress, these mats reduce fatigue and discomfort, increasing productivity and overall well-being. Boost your workspace with our anti-fatigue mats and promote a healthy and joyful work atmosphere.


Comfort Flow Mats

Our comfort flow mats offer superb support and cushioning, featuring a modern design that promotes air circulation for enhanced comfort. These mats assure a breathable standing area, reducing heat and moisture build-up. They’re perfect for businesses with long-standing workstations. Choose comfort flow mats to enhance employee comfort and efficiency.

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Our ongoing commitment to our valued community drives us to provide top-tier products and services. These define the standard for mat rental in Saginaw. Contact us at (800) 875-4636 or drop us an email to explore our extensive range of offerings and services.