3 Compelling Reasons to Choose Automatic Restroom Products

Automatic Restroom Products

Restrooms are some of the most difficult-to-clean areas of any commercial space. Your commercial restrooms need constant attention to make sure that the floors are dry, the toilets and sinks are clean, the paper and soap products are stocked, and that there are no foul or unpleasant odors.

One way that many business owners are dealing with some of these issues is by investing in automatic restroom products, like toilets that flush on their own and paper and soap dispensers that are touch-free. Should you make the switch?

Here are a few things to consider:

1. Automatic restroom products limit the spread of germs.

It’s no secret that commercial restrooms can get pretty dirty. One study found that as many as 77000 distinct types of bacteria can be found in just one public restroom!

All of the surfaces that your customers or staff touch while they’re in your bathroom provide just another opportunity for cross-contamination to occur. Washing your hands doesn’t do much good if you’re then required to pump a bacteria-infested tab for a paper towel.

Automatic toilet flushers, paper towel dispensers and soap dispensers all reduce the spread of germs throughout the restroom, and, subsequently, throughout the rest of your business.

2. Automatic restroom fixtures help regulate the amount of soap, water and paper products that your customers use.

In general, people use way more soap than they actually need to get their hands clean. The same goes for paper products. It seems natural to grab four or five paper towels instead of one, even though you really only need one to get your hands dry. But, when you invest in automatic restroom products, you can control the amount of soap and paper that your clients use, which is better for the environment and also better for your business!

At CLS, we offer our customers a Hygienics Sensor, which dispenses pre-measured sheets of paper to minimize waste and overuse. The sheet size can be adjusted to your preferences.

3. Automatic restroom products keep your business looking cleaner and smelling better throughout the day.

Your employees won’t have to check your bathrooms regularly for unflushed toilets or spray for unpleasant odors when you automate your restroom. Automatic flushers and air fresheners reduce the chances that a customer will have a negative experience in your commercial bathroom. As a result, they may even decline to do business with you.

So, for restrooms that are cleaner, smell better and reflect well on your company, invest in more automatic restroom products!

Automate with CLS

We can supply your business with a range of automatic restroom fixtures, from our touch-free flushers to hands-off paper towel and soap dispensers. We also supply businesses with bowl clips, urinal screens, floor mats, disposable gloves, can liners, hand sanitizer, foaming and regular soap, paper towels and toilet tissue.

Contact us today for more information! Our supply experts are standing by to take your questions and address all of your commercial restroom concerns.