Tips to Maintain Your Bathrooms and Commercial Restroom Cleaning Checklist

Commercial Restroom Cleaning Checklist

In every business, the restroom can be a frustrating project to take on. This is because commercial restroom cleaning is, in no way, related to business activity, yet it can make or break whether or not customers and clients will return.

Oftentimes (more than 80% of the time in the restaurant industry), a visibly dirty restroom drives customers out the door because they lose their trust in your services. If you aren’t willing to put the time and effort into the quality of your restrooms, how do they know you’ll be willing to put in that effort with them?

The maintenance of your restrooms is a symbol of your business practices. When you look at your restrooms like this on a daily basis, you’re much more likely to see the importance of maintaining them. Not to mention that if your restrooms are poorly maintained, you can make both your customers and your employees sick which can of course also negatively impact your business.

But maybe you already have your staff cleaning your restrooms. Yet, they continue to look gross, with odors ruminating in the air and guests flocking out the door. As you watch, flabbergasted and frustrated that your employees aren’t doing a good job, take a step back and recognize that maybe it’s your cleaning schedule that needs to change. Maybe you need a brand new, commercial cleaning checklist accompanied with a high-quality facility service provider to get all of the essential supplies you need and all of the important tasks outlined.

Below we have developed a general template for you to follow for your commercial restroom cleaning checklist, but if there are specific requirements for your industry, make sure to add those in where necessary. Read through our checklist, share it with your employees and then give us at CLS a call. In this checklist we detail a variety of essential supplies that you’ll need that you can easily acquire on a consistent basis through a service with us.

Get your phone ready. Here is your business’s new and improved commercial restroom cleaning checklist:

Facility services through CLS will help you not only with improving your commercial restroom cleaning, but also will help you save time and money on restroom cleaning. To learn more and get started with our facility, mat and mop services, contact us at CLS at 800-875-4636.