Business Protection in Winter with CLS Service

Business Protection in Winter

Without business protection in winter, every business is taking a risk. You might need a little extra hand, or two, to winter-proof your business.

CLS has a range of services designed to boost your brand through the cold months:

CLS Helps Keep Your Facility Cleaner and Safer

Disease is one of the worst but often understated risks that comes with the colder months. And it’s one of those things that can get out of hand faster than most can cope. It only takes one person to get sick to cripple your operations. This is where your CLS facility service partners can truly make a difference.

Our facility service program helps you reinforce your defenses against winter’s most contagious infections. We are your leading, one-stop-shop provider for your most essential hygiene tools. We have everything from face masks to gloves to cleaning and disinfecting products. We ensure the effectiveness of these products. More importantly, we provide stability to your supply. Delays and shortages in your supply are just as bad as not signing up for these products. And CLS’s efficiency and accuracy will provide protection against that.

Professional Floor Care Offers Business Protection in Winter

Winter is one of the most challenging times for any business. For starters, fewer people go out. Second, it is extra challenging for janitorial teams. The floors don’t stay clean long enough. There’s just too much mud and slush that get tracked in! Winter is not only burdensome on your floor care