Winter Illness Prevention with CLS Facility Service

Winter Illness Prevention

Winter illness prevention is necessary for businesses to keep their employees healthy, and keep customers safe. As much as we love the real-life snow globe that Michigan transforms into in wintertime, we can’t deny that it is one of the harshest seasons. It makes employees sick, reduces productivity, and affects overall business operations.

Fortunately, CLS has a set of services that can help you prevent common winter hazards in the workplace.

Invest in Better Janitorial Supplies

The best way to prevent winter illness at work is a good offense. Your choice of janitorial supplies can make all the difference. For starters, pick an effective disinfectant. The right disinfectant makes a world of difference in eliminating disease-causing pathogens on surfaces in your facility compared to using basic soap and water. Learn more about the CLS miracle disinfectant by contacting our team!

Your solid waste management is also of prime importance in keeping your facilities safe and disease-free in the winter season. Keep a stricter disposal routine and use can liners that are strong, thick, and less susceptible to leakages.

CLS’s microfiber towels add much to your janitorial supplies. Not only are they great for picking up dust particles even in small, hairline nooks and crannies. They are also known for more effective pickup of disease-causing pathogens, making them the perfect cleaning tools to go with your disinfectant of choice.

Keep a Fully Stocked First Aid Kit

Winter is not only notorious for communicable diseases. It’s also known for the potential accidents that come with the season’s cold, wet, and slippery conditions. Make sure that your first aid kits are fully stocked and abundant for these exact situations, and that you keep up with them periodically. Or better yet, work with a first-aid kit supplies service that makes keeping up with your kits easy and efficient.

Prevent Winter Illness With Accessible Hand Hygiene

Hand hygiene plays a massive role in the prevention of communicable diseases including and especially the ones that abound in the winter season. Because they are more common in the cold season, it would only make sense to fortify your defenses in wintertime. This means increasing your handwashing supplies like soaps and hand sanitizers. It means making hand sanitizers more accessible and available in every area of your facility.

Aside from making sure you have the hand hygiene items that you need, it is just as important to use them strategically. Identify these so-called high-touch areas doors, entrances, common employee/customer areas, restrooms, etc. Contact CLS for our selection of hand sanitizers and hand soaps.

Invest in Touch-Free Technology

Speaking of hand hygiene, touch-free dispensers, like the ones we offer at CLS, are also worth considering. They are available for soap and sanitizer as well as toilet paper and paper towels. They are not only convenient, but they also reduce the risk of spreading communicable diseases.

And the best part of all? They are useful for far longer than the winter season so you can keep your facilities safe, your employees safe, and your customers satisfied all-year-round.

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