CLS is Expanding and Improving!

CLS is Expanding and Improving
We at CLS are always striving to more efficiently and effectively serve the needs of our customers. To do so, we’re adding 200 ft. x 60 ft. of space to our facility to make way for new, cutting edge machinery:

Two Tunnel Washers and Dryers

Sometimes one just isn’t enough. We’re installing two Kannegiesser Powertrans Vario washing machines that will provide a new level of clean efficiency to every garment and linen that passes through them.

A New Maintenance Workshop

Maintenance is key when working with machines of this caliber and importance. With our new maintenance workshop, our crews will have all the space they need to keep every machine performing optimally.

Overhead Clean Storage

We’re making the fullest use of our plant’s new space by utilizing every inch, even the space above to keep clean materials safe from contamination while improving ground-level operations.

A Centrifuge Extractor

Imagine the spin cycle on your home washer x 1000. That’s the kind of energy we’ll bring to water that’s holding up the line, and our new Kannegiesser PowerSpin Centrifuge Extractor will get the job done.

A Power Press

Saving by eliminating moisture after the laundering process is a great way to improve efficiency and save energy. The Kannegiesser PowerPress offers a tremendous level of moisture elimination prior to drying.

A Monorail System

Efficiency and high-tech routing monorail systems go hand-in-hand, and that’s what we’re implementing with Kannegiesser’s SuperTrack.

Other Improvements: An Improved Napkin Delivery System

Prepare for delivery with our improved napkin delivery system, which will utilize a second napkin iron, new feeding equipment for napkin irons.

Improving to Better Serve Your Business’s Needs

Before these improvements, we provided the best-quality materials and service in Michigan. After their implementation, we’ll be lightyears ahead. How do you get better if you’re already the best? You’ll find out soon when this project is completed!