Winter Business Preparation: How CLS Can Help

Preparing Your Business for Winter

Winter is coming! As much as we love a winter wonderland, it can be a nightmare for businesses. Floors are dirtier, employees are less comfortable, and people’s immune systems are weaker. Without proper winter business preparation, you’re looking at a roomful of sick employees and dirty, damaged flooring.

CLS Has You Covered

Don’t let that happen to you! CLS can equip your business with essential solutions to help get your business ready for the year’s most challenging season.

CLS Helps Make Your Business Floors Winter-Proof

Michigan winters are brutal on your floors. Sludge, snow, and de-icing salts can leave your floors dirtier and more vulnerable to damage. Not to mention, untidy floors raise the risk of slip-and-fall accidents in your facility.

CLS can help you with that! We offer high-quality mats and mops to help you keep your floors dry and clean all season long. Our mat and mop service also comes with expert cleaning and maintenance service. CLS takes on all the burden of keeping up with your floor cleaning supplies, so you can focus on keeping your floors at their cleanest.

CLS Provides Hygienic Solutions for Your Facility to Keep Winter Diseases at Bay

The winter season is also flu season. Don’t let your business space become a breeding ground for a flu or cold outbreak. Let CLS help! Our facility services offer you the easiest way to keep up with your hygienic supply services. Our selection includes all-around disinfectants, antibacterial microfiber towels, and cleaning gloves, along with our standard restroom essentials. You take care of the cleaning