Signs Your Uniforms Need Replacing

When Uniforms Need Replacing

Do your uniforms need replacing?

Even the highest-quality garments will eventually reach the end of their useful lives. Knowing when that time comes can be difficult to tell. But worse, it can be bad for your business. Uniforms, after all, play an important role in how your customers perceive your brand. Worn-out uniforms that are one sneeze away from turning into tatters, can’t possibly send the right message.

Tell-Tale Signs that Your Employee Uniforms Need Replacing

Here are signs to look out for, to know when your uniforms need replacing:

They Have Irreparable Damage

There are only so many times that a garment can be repaired. And some damages are beyond mending. And this is a tell-tale sign that your uniforms are at a point of no return.

There are Visible Permanent Stains and a Stench

Like rips, tears, and other damages, stains and stenches can be permanent. Some of these stains and smells could be just from one incident. Then again, it could also be because of repeated use. Either way, when this happens, it is high time to give them the boot.

The Fabrics are Visibly Thin

Thinning fabrics are not only unsightly. They can be uncomfortable, at the very least. At worst, they can even be dangerous to wear – especially if their main use is in an industrial facility.

Your Business is Rebranding

Your uniforms are part of your business’ facade. It is only logical to switch to new uniforms that reflect your rebranding.

A full uniform inventory overhaul, however, can make quite the dent in anyone’s budget. That is why uniform rental service proves to be the better option.

CLS Has Uniform Replacement Solutions

Uniform service is good for more than just keeping your uniforms in check. When it comes to costly replacements, the benefits of working with CLS are so much greater.

  • Immediate Replacements. Uniform emergencies can happen at any time and uniform rental services can see to these issues immediately. It is, in fact, part of the service. Every uniform maintenance service comes with thorough inspections. This means they’ll spot the damages before it even gets back to your facility. Best of all, you don’t have to go running about looking for a replacement because they will automatically take care of it.
  • Cost Efficiency. Rentals have always been the more inexpensive option for filling out your uniform inventory. And the same is true when it comes to replacements. They come at a much lower price than owning your inventory and having to purchase your replacements upfront.
  • Quality Assurance. One of the best parts about uniform service is the guarantee of quality. The thorough inspections make sure that even your replacements are of the best quality. They can also help you assess which of your items could use replacement.

The Michigan Uniform Service Expert that Can Help You Best

The best uniforms can bring out the best in your brand. Make sure you’ve got the right supplies and the right people working behind the scenes to help you manage your uniform inventory’s biggest needs. And in Michigan, there’s only one company that can bring you that and more: CLS!

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