CLS Solutions: Communication

CLS Solutions

When your business has a problem, you need answers quickly. At CLS, we know the way we respond to issues and communicate with our customers can make or break our relationships.

We’re a locally family owned company. We’re Michigan’s largest independent and we handle communication differently than some of our competition, said Jared Caron, CLS Senior Senior Sales Associate. To us, what we do is strive for that instant communication.”

At CLS, we have multiple steps in place so when our customers have an issue, we work to solve it immediately.

“CLS direct access, email, Customer Care, we actually have someone that answers the phone when you call, said Caron.

CLS takes customer care very seriously, and it shows.

I think what speaks most to how we handle our issues is our 98.8 retention rate. That means we keep almost 99 percent of our business a year, that’s with people closing their door unfortunately. We don’t lose business here at CLS and it’s a direct result of how we communicate and handle issues. Because at the end of the day, no one is perfect, said Caron.

In our particular industry, there’s always going to be things that come up that are outside of our control, said Caron. Our customers get in a pinch, they need an emergency a thousand napkins they didn’t know about, those are the things that we handle very quickly that I think set us apart.”

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