CLS Solutions: Stopping Shortages

CLS Solutions

Are frequent shortages of items and garments a problem you see with your current linen or uniform supplier?

At CLS, we work to make sure problems like that won’t affect your business. It’s one of the CLS Solutions you’ll find to common industry problems.

Shortages are a very big thing in our industry, said Senior Sales Consultant, Jared Caron.

Not having what you need to do your job is not acceptable. And while problems happen, CLS works to fix them, because we know you have a job to do.

And it starts at the route level, with your Route Sales Professional.

Our route guys are the most tenured drivers in the industry and they manage that account, they’re day to day anticipating the customer’s needs, said Caron.

CLS has multiple checks in place to make sure that all our customers get the right items. And if something does happen, we are quick to make it right.

We also run specials all the time. So somebody needs something, something happens, whatever it may be, we’re constantly working hard to deliver what our customers needs in a quick and efficient way, said Caron.

Our process all goes back to our relationships

You see your customers every week and you learn who they are, said Caron. You learn their lives, their family, their kids, the sports they play, all the fun things they get to do, what teams they route for. You get to develop that relationship. And that really helps with understanding their needs from a business aspect.”

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