CLS Solutions: Worn Out Garments

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Keeping your team looking great is hard work. But CLS is up to the task and we can take the work out of managing your work’s uniform program. That includes replacing uniform pieces that no longer deliver the proper image.

What differentiates us at CLS is just within the last 2 years is we put up a whole new garment department, so it’s a brand new state of the art system that has several different checkpoints throughout and the people are empowered to change those uniforms out if there’s a hole or they’re worn out, said Senior Sales Consultant, Jared Caron.

When you let CLS handle your uniform program you won’t have to worry if one of your uniforms is damaged on the job.

It’s not a he said she said, who’s responsible for the garment. The way we build our pricing and our culture here at CLS is that our price involves any worn out or ruined garments that you would have, said Caron.

Many times we replace garments before you even notice they’re getting worn out. We know our job is to deliver your image, and that image has to be top quality.

Our people in the plant do a good job of seeing if there’s a hole or something looks discolored, said Caron. We’re going to go ahead and just replace that without any questions asked.”

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