CLS Solutions: Managing Your Uniform Program

CLs Solutions

If you run a business where image and safety matter, uniforms are essential for the job. But managing your uniform program can be a headache-inducing frustration.

This is where CLS can help. No matter the industry, our sales and service teams can help find the best uniforms to deliver your image, protect your employees, and help you stand out from the crowd. Renting those uniforms from CLS can save you time money and your sanity.

What we find in our industry is it could be someone who is an HR manager, it could be a production supervisor, it could be a manager at an auto store, it could be a health and safety officer someone is tasked with the uniform responsibility Jared Caron, CLS Senior Senior Sales Associate It’s something that gets added on to someone’s responsibilities. What we often find is that person is spending a ton of time managing that program.”

At CLS we have a number of systems in place to simplify your uniform program. Managers can track every garment, knowing where they are at all times.

“What we’ve done over the last few years is create CLS Direct Access, which allows the HR manager or whoever to manage that by using CLS direct access; but it also gives the ability to the actual wearer to have just the information for their account so they can track their own uniforms or make service requests,” said Caron.

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