Does Your Uniform Provider Truly Meet Your Needs?

Uniform Provider Meets Your Needs

This handy checklist and questionnaire can help you find out!

Uniform Quality and Cleanliness

There are a few questions you can ask yourself to assess the quality of the uniforms you are getting. Here are some of them:

  • Is the quality of the uniforms you are getting up to your standards? Any indication of quality decline – unaddressed damages, poor laundering – should be addressed immediately. Talk to your employees. Are they experiencing discomfort with their uniforms? This situation, unfortunately, happens frequently. After all, quality is one of, if not the foremost reason for hiring a third-party uniform service provider.
  • Are you getting consistently high-quality uniforms with every delivery? Another hallmark of a good, reliable uniform service is consistency. Consistent quality deliveries indicate that your Michigan uniform service company upholds strict quality control standards.
  • Are you having issues with back jobs over poor-quality uniforms? If so, how often does it happen? Whether it’s the overall quality of the uniforms or the cleanliness, consistency is important. Your service provider should be able to ensure the same quality and cleanliness of your items. While a few missteps can be forgivable, frequent mistakes should make you rethink your contract.


Aside from improving the quality of your uniforms, your service provider should also meet your needs on convenience and efficiency. Your basic efficiency checklist includes:

  • On-time delivery. Any delay in your uniform delivery can interrupt your operations and affect productivity. If you are suffering from frequent delays and shortages in your delivery, your service provider is failing to meet your needs.
  • Accuracy of deliveries. Aside from making sure that your deliveries come on-time, your service provider should ensure the correct delivery of your products. Even minor mix-ups and losses can prove costly, so accuracy is of prime importance.
  • Ease in handling. Your uniform service transactions should be smooth, easy, and free of hiccups. Although minor glitches can occasionally occur, repeat offenses are unforgivable.


Cost is a crucial area of satisfaction in any outsourcing service. It is even more so for items as important – not to mention, expensive – as your uniform inventory. Here are some red flags to watch out for with your Michigan uniform service:

  • Hidden charges, surprise costs, or vague invoicing. Your uniform service provider should always be transparent with your billing. Everything indicated on your invoice should be clear, honest, and legible. Any vagueness should ring the alarm bells and cause you to look elsewhere for better uniform service.
  • Sudden, unannounced increases in your bills. Any unannounced and/or inexplicable surges in cost should be a cause for alarm. Uniform service outsourcing is a relationship built on trust, and any breach of this trust by your service provider is a failure on their part to meet your needs.

Is Your Michigan Uniform Service Meeting Your Needs?

If your current uniform service provider fails in more than one of the aforementioned areas, it might be time to look for a better service provider.

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