How Professional Laundering Keeps Your Business Safe

Professional Laundering

Professional laundering for the linens, uniforms, and materials for your business is vital for customer and employee safety and health. With viruses lasting on surfaces for days, even months at a time, it is always important that your business’s materials are fully cleaned. To protect your customers, employees, and yourself from dangerous pathogens, you need a professional and proven cleaner of those materials. CLS offers the professional service and industry know-how that keeps them safe and looking great for as long as possible. Here’s what professional laundering service through CLS can do for you.

CDC Cleaning Procedure Adherence

The Centers for Disease Control has strict outlines for the proper cleaning and handling of commercial linens. Truly abiding by all of these regulations is a daunting and cumbersome task. From temperature requirements and types and amounts to detergents used, to drying and storage, there’s a lot to appease.

When you have your linens and uniforms washed by CLS, it’s no longer a problem. Our procedures are already well within compliance of the CDC’s recommendations. And not just for regulatory compliance, but for the health and well-being of our customers. After all, a healthy customer is a happy customer.

Employee and Customer Safety

There are few events more devastating to a business than contagious outbreak. If your employees are too sick to work, things can’t get done. Worse still, if customers become ill and the outbreak is traced back to your business, the results could be catastrophic.

Unless your business is equipped with the machines, materials, knowledge, and experience to prevent an outbreak, consider professional laundry service. For added confidence, choose one with over 100 years experience in the industry.

Conserving Appearance, Feel, and Purpose In Your Materials Enter heading here…

When materials are washed incorrectly–either with the wrong temperature, detergents, or softeners, damage can occur to those materials. A towel treated with the wrong fabric softener won’t absorb as readily as it should. A lab jacket treated at the wrong temperature won’t fully clean it of harmful microbes. A bathrobe will become scratchy if the incorrect detergent is used. The list of possible mistakes goes on and on. Your materials deserve to be cared for by somebody who knows how to best care for them.

Safe Transportation

The CDC also outlines the proper procedures for safely transporting materials from laundry to business. Safe, CDC compliant transportation ensures that demanding cleaning procedures aren’t compromised. Afterall, a microbe that lands on a blanket after laundering is just as dangerous as one that makes it through the process. A professional laundry facility like CLS knows of the dangers every step of the way, and has procedures in place to counter them.

Contact CLS Today for Professionally Cleaned and Safe Linens and Uniforms

There’s no reason to gamble with something as important to your business’s safe function as consistently-clean linens. To put your linen and uniform worries to rest, call CLS today. We can be reached at (800) 875-4636 or through our contact portal.