Keeping Your Restrooms Safe And Healthy

Keeping Restrooms Safe and Clean

Your restrooms can make or break your business. It’s a simple fact in the hospitality industry. If a customer doesn’t feel like the facilities are safe and clean, they’re not coming back!

And it’s the germs that customers don’t see that can cause them the most trouble. A study published in Applied and Environmental Microbiology found just how dirty most public restrooms are. Scientists discovered traces of more than 77000 types of bacteria and viruses lurking in these spaces.

With that many possible contaminants, it’s imperative that facility managers stay on top of their cleaning schedule and have the right tools for the job.


3 Tips to Keep Your Business’s Restroom Clean

Keeping a business’s restroom clean is no simple task. These three tips will help the process.  

#1: Go Touch Free

To help avoid spreading germs on high-touch surfaces, consider installing touchless dispensers. CLS has multiple options for touch-free dispensers. From our standard dispensers for paper towels and soap to our Epik Image Program that helps you take your image to the next level, we can find a touch-free dispenser to fit your budget and style.

You should also consider replacing air dryers with paper towel dispensers. Air dryers spray even more bacteria around your restrooms. In fact, people who used jet dryers had 27 times more bacteria on their hands than people who used paper towels. 

#2: Keep Your Supplies Stocked

Running out of soap or paper towels in your restrooms can send customers running for the door. The use of sensor soap and paper towel dispensers, that dispense just enough product at a time, can help to minimize waste and keep guests from using too much, thus keeping you from running out.

At CLS, our representatives also monitor your usage, place orders for you, and deliver the products right to your shelves. We provide these services at no additional charge, freeing your business to focus on customers and revenue generation.

#3: Clean More Often

According to researchers studying restrooms at a San Diego State University, within one hour of cleaning and disinfecting, bathrooms were completely re-contaminated. Fecal bacteria was found on toilet seats and on soap dispensers. Which means your restrooms need to be cleaned and sanitized more frequently.

Using an employee sign-off sheet on the bathroom wall or door is a great way to track your cleaning schedule and show your guests the facilities are being well maintained. This also makes sure everyone on your team knows whose turn it is to take care of the facilities.


Contact CLS for Professional Restroom Facility Service

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CLS can provide mops, microfiber cleaning clothes, spray disinfectant and more to help keep your restrooms clean and safe. But making time to wipe them down more often is the most important piece of the puzzle.