How Warm Weather Industrial Uniforms Impact Productivity

Warm Weather Industrial Uniforms

Do your employees benefit from warm weather industrial uniforms, or are they stuck sweating it out? The impact that warm weather has on productivity can be problematic at all levels of your business. Nobody likes to do anything on a really hot day! Especially not the manual workers who have to work outdoors under the sun or in cramped facilities.

There’s a physiological reason why we feel extra tired when it’s hotter. The body works twice as hard to keep cool and prevent overheating. As a result, drowsiness and general lethargy are common during the hottest days of the summer.

This is bad news for businesses. Studies show that working in higher temperatures can negatively affect employee productivity. This, eventually, can lead to fiscal losses.

You don’t want that happening to your business. Inclement weather is an unavoidable hazard of any workplace. Preparing for and mitigating those hazards is the duty of every business owner. That obligation is made significantly easier to satisfy with uniform service.

Your Uniform Choice Matters

Industrial uniforms are, without a doubt, more functional than aesthetic. Unfortunately, there is no one-weather-fits-all kind of uniform in the market. Your employees should not have to work with the same industrial uniforms in winter as they do in the summertime. The conditions are different and so, the garment requirements should also be different.

Warm weather should not get in the way of your operations! Adapt to the season by making sure that your uniforms have all the right warm-weather qualities:


Proper ventilation is not only essential in the workplace, but also in your work garments. That’s why your summer industrial uniforms should come in a fabric that promotes breathability. These fabrics allow air to get through, essentially letting the skin breathe and cool. Save that warmth for the colder seasons!


There are a few things more uncomfortable than wearing sweaty clothes for hours. The feeling ranges from icky to outright disgusting. Altogether, it makes for a very unpleasant experience that ultimately affects productivity. That’s why moisture-wicking is an important quality to look for in summer uniforms. Moisture-wicking fabrics are designed to keep sweat off the body and evaporate faster. These fabrics are non-absorbent, meaning they don’t let the moisture cling – which makes for the icky, yucky, sweaty feeling. No matter how warm or humid it gets, your employees and their uniforms can stay dry for longer!

Wearer protection

Working in hot conditions is difficult. Working on a hot summer day outdoors is even worse. Aside from the dangers of heatstroke and heat exhaustion, there’s also the threat of sun exposure to the skin. It’s not enough that your outdoor workers wear garments that leave them feeling cool and comfortable. Their warm weather uniforms should also provide adequate coverage for the skin to prevent sunburns.

More than anything else, your industrial uniforms should be strong enough to take on the grueling, summer shifts. Where do you get that in Michigan, you ask? Only one name springs to most business owners’ minds: CLS!

Where to Get the Right Warm Weather Industrial Uniforms

CLS is the leading authority in top-notch uniform service in Michigan. We have some of the widest-ranging uniform selections in the state. Additionally, we have the right selection of warm weather industrial uniforms for your business.

Our uniforms are suitable for different types of industrial workplaces. Request a catalog today to find out what we offer or speak with a representative to learn more about your options!

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