What Healthcare Uniform Service by CLS Does for Michigan Medical Facilities

Healthcare Uniform Service in Michigan

Michigan’s best healthcare uniform service through CLS will protect employees in your medical facility and in their homes.

Say goodbye to the inconveniences and expenses that come with managing your uniforms! Say hello to the Michigan healthcare uniform service excellence of CLS.

Healthcare Uniform Service That Works For Your Business

CLS offers complete solutions for your uniform supply and service needs. Here’s what to expect:

Complete Convenience

One of the biggest benefits of getting a healthcare uniform service from CLS is complete and absolute convenience. CLS takes care of everything – from picking up your dirty uniforms to ensuring proper handling to prepare for storage. With CLS in control, you can focus your resources on other important aspects of your operations.

This is good news for your employees, too! They no longer have to expend any of their off-work energy and time on their uniforms. With CLS taking the helm, they can always expect a set of clean, safe, and ready-to-use uniforms at work.

Cost Efficiency

CLS’s medical uniform service helps you keep your costs down. No more upfront costs for procuring new uniforms. No more overheads from your on-premise laundry operations. Absolutely no unexpected expenses or headaches from keeping your uniform supply stable.

Better Products

CLS’s Michigan healthcare uniform service gives you access to a wider range of high-quality uniforms. What would have cost your facility tens of thousands of dollars in better uniforms is now available to you at a friendlier monthly rental rate. Outsourcing with CLS ensures that you get quality products without exorbitant price tags.

Supply Stability Through Fluctuations

CLS gives you the assurance of a secure and stable supply to accommodate your varying needs throughout the year. Sudden surges in volume demand can wreak havoc on limited in-house supply. It can require urgent but short-term solutions just to meet the demand. This can be quite expensive. In short, keeping a finite, in-house uniform inventory can be limiting.

With CLS’s flexible rental programs, you can meet your demands through fluctuations, internal issues, and weather disturbances. CLS makes sure you’ll always have uniforms to go about.

Better, Safer Maintenance

CLS champions safety and efficiency in every aspect of our process. We know how healthcare uniforms play a role in your infection control efforts. Sending employees home to disinfect their own uniforms is hardly the safest option. They risk contaminating their homes or picking up dangerous microbes on the way to work. This practice is too risky! That is why safe handling, disinfection, and packaging are of prime importance in our operational procedures.

We also use modern laundry technology to ensure the efficiency of your Michigan healthcare uniform service. We provide on-time and accurate delivery of your items and protection from costly healthcare linen and uniform losses.

Eco-Friendlier Laundry

Our eco-friendly laundry practices consume less water, less energy, and less fuel. This significantly lowers the carbon footprint of your linen and uniform management. In turn, this helps boost your efforts at making your operations more sustainable and friendlier for the planet.

The Healthcare Uniform Service Difference Through CLS

CLS has the perfect balance of experience and expertise that you need from your Michigan healthcare uniform service provider. We give you excellent, satisfying, and secure uniform management assistance every time. With CLS, you can focus on your patients and stop wasting time and energy on your uniforms.

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