New Wastewater Treatment System

New Wastewater Treatment System

CLS is committed to environmental sustainability.

Since 2014, we have been working on ways to cut down on our utility usage and to execute ways to recycle or repurpose our products. As a result of these efforts, the Textile Rental Services Association (TRSA) has awarded CLS the Clean Green Certification.

In 2021, we installed a new industrial wastewater treatment system to continue our goals of being as green as possible.

The new system cleans up to 400 gallons of water per minute, double the size of our old system. It saves CLS water, makes us more compliant with city water recycling guidelines, and reduces the amount of chemicals being used.

“We just pull the dirty water out from under out washers, pump it into the system, the chemicals mix with air, and as they mix with air it flocks to the top- which is grease, oil, lint, soap, suds, everything that gets out of the drain of our washers. It skims off of the tops, goes into a sludge tank” said CLS Maintenance Director, Joe Brenner, explaining the process the machine uses to clean our water..

CLS now has the ability to treat, wash and recycle about ten to 12 thousand gallons of water a day.

Meanwhile, the solids that are pulled from the water are pumped into a press, where the water is removed and turns what’s left into a solid. The process has CLS sending much less waste to the landfill each month.

It’s just another way CLS is reducing our footprint on the Earth