Uniform Service As An Employee Incentive

Uniform Service Employee Incentive

No matter the industry, employees need quality uniforms in order to perform their jobs effectively. Providing quality uniforms is a powerful new employee incentive towards increased productivity and loyalty.

How Uniform Service Makes For An Effective Employee Incentive

Uniforms are capable of drastically improving the working conditions staff deal with day in and day out. From saving time to money to even lives, a good uniform is the key to success in any business.

Saving Money

Employees have their bills to pay and lives to live. The last thing they want from their job is the obligation and expense of maintaining their own uniforms. Companies that use a uniform and laundry service save their employees from having to buy their own work apparel.

Saving Time

Beyond the added expense, if uniforms aren’t provided for employees then their personal time must be used to source and maintain them. Nobody likes wasting time, especially on things that they can easily see others not having to deal with at other companies.

Saving Lives

While the threat of fatal injury is less common than losing money or time, many jobs need uniforms capable of protecting their wearers. Industrial, healthcare, and food service staff often have to deal with dangerous conditions that they can’t handle without proper work apparel. Hot environments, flammable materials, sharp objects, low light conditions, and so many more put workers at risk every day.

CLS Has the Uniform Service Both Employees and Employers Need

CLS understands how effective uniforms can be at retaining and attracting workers. Knowing that their employers are looking out for them is a powerful new employee incentive. CLS uniforms are a benefit for both employees and employers alike. They are:

  • Affordable: Not only will workers not need to front the expense of buying and cleaning their own uniforms, they are affordable for our clients as well. Companies spend far less money on a uniform service like CLS compared to what they lose from worker inefficiency and understaffing. We work closely with our clients so that their budgetary needs are always met.
  • Efficiency: Employees don’t need to spend their time looking for or washing their own uniforms. On top of this, CLS clients get efficient and clean laundry service with a huge catalogue of available options. We want our clients to think about their laundry as little as possible which is why we clean, repair, replace, and monitor all stock for them.
  • Protection: CLS uniforms are made with their wearers and professions in mind. We offer comfortable material that stands up to the heat. Our flame resistant apparel prevents fires from spreading and harming staff. We use strong, durable textiles that are capable of withstanding continued abuse by sharp objects. Every uniform is highly customizable, able to stand out in low light environments or even advertise your business!

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