What’s Cheaper: Uniform Rental or Ownership?

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Uniforms are an integral part of businesses in many different industries. They offer protection, comfort, structure, and even improved performance. There are two main ways to acquire them and both have their benefits. However, what’s cheaper: uniform rental or ownership?

Factors to Consider for Uniform Rental v.s. Ownership

Overall, uniform rental is cheaper than ownership. This may sound counterintuitive since ownership trades recurring fees for a slightly bigger upfront expense. Here’s why this isn’t the case:

Ownership Costs More in the Long Run

Direct purchases may seem like a great way to lower long-term expenses. However, the money saved on recurring rental fees will still end up on the budget, in far higher quantities. Purchasing uniforms means that inventory and maintenance costs are on the buyer. The expenses for taking care of each of these individually far outweigh the money saved from the recurring fee.

Uniform Rental Includes Maintenance

Purchasing uniforms doesn’t leave many good maintenance options for the buyer. They can hire out a laundry service, which is expensive. They can also leave laundry up to their staff, which won’t guarantee protection and is especially dangerous in healthcare and industrial jobs. However, uniform rental includes access to maintenance in the rental agreement. The money saved and guaranteed safety more than make up for the recurring rental fee.

Professional Inventory Management

Without the help of a rental service, inventory management is on the buyer. It may sound simpler to just get the uniforms you need and replace them when needed. However, that means either hiring someone or adding to your own managerial burden to maintain that uniform inventory. Uniform rental takes that responsibility on for the buyer and ensures they have fewer issues with missing or damaged items.

Uniform Rental or Ownership? Get the Best of Both with CLS!

For over 120 years, CLS has provided uniforms that Michigan businesses need to succeed. Overall, we believe that uniform rental is a better option for our clients but we also want them to have options. That’s why we work closely with them to either sign them up for a competitively priced uniform rental service or find them great deals on direct purchases. CLS helps our clients:

  • Save Money. Through our uniform rental program, our clients have access to all the essentials including maintenance in inventory management. However, not all businesses are alike and that’s why we strive to meet our clients’ most specific budgetary needs with options. That includes direct purchases for businesses that may not need our additional services.
  • Maintain Uniform Quality. CLS has over a century of experience maintaining uniforms for specialized industries. We use the latest tracking and laundry technology as well as a team of experts to ensure every uniform always returns as good as new.
  • Keep Up with Uniform Inventory. Our route service representatives keep an eye on our clients’ stock upon every delivery. This way, we can ensure that our clients have steady access to the uniforms they need when they need them.

Contact CLS for the Best Uniform Rental or Ownership Programs in Michigan!

CLS leads the industry in Michigan providing uniforms for a variety of healthcare, industrial, food service, and manufacturing businesses. Our clients get the best bang for their buck whether they go with uniform rental or ownership. Sign up today by calling us at 1-800-875-4636 or by reaching out to us on our website here.